Everything You Need To Know About Engine Remapping

How Important Is An Engine Remapping In Lake Elsinore?

Everything You Need to Know About Engine RemappingAn engine remapping is safe, efficient and affordable. When it comes to improving the performance of your car, engine remapping is definitely the best option for you. Engine remapping is just one of several key services where diagnostics are used. Engine remapping is the modern and ultimate way to alter the engine characteristics to give better fuel economy and better overall performance.

All of our engine remappings is tailored specifically for you and your vehicle. Car engine remapping is an individualized car remapping service which releases the full potential of your engine. Engine remapping is the process of altering or replacing the ECU software within the vehicle and can provide higher power, better response while driving and a wider power band. Engine remapping is now commonly available for most vehicles and significant gains in performance and economy are possible no matter what type of engine is fitted.

What is ECU Remapping and why you should do it.

ECU (Engine Control Unit) Remapping is nothing but just a fine tuning for your car that will increase its engine performance and provides greater power and torque. An engine in a car consists of an array of sensors which monitors the airflow, throttle and cranks positions and sends it to the ECU through signals. The ECU will process the information and gives the best performance under any driving condition. No hardware is changed in the car during the remapping process. Generally the remapping process takes 60-90 minutes depending upon the ECU of the car.

Reasons to do ECU remapping:

  • Manufacturers will adopt a single map policy while exporting their vehicles to various parts of the globe. They take into account the various climatic conditions, emissions and fuel quality .So no vehicle will be perfectly optimized for one individual solution. By remapping the ECU, we can get the maximum performance from the vehicle as per our needs and conditions we drive on.
  • Better Fuel economy and improved power and torque throughout the rev range.
  • The improvement ranges for turbo and non turbo engines. We will give you a brief look among different type of engines.
  • For Non-Turbo petrol engines, remapping the ECU will result in 10-15% increase in power (bhp) and 15-20% increase in torque throughout the rev range. Check more here.

Car engine remapping is the most popular choice to remap cars, offering the best of the mix of power and economy in virtually all turbo diesel engines.

Benefits of ECU Remapping

ECU engine remapping, short for Engine Control Unit, allows drivers to get better performance from their cars and often better fuel economy. There are many benefits to getting an engine remapping done on a car, including higher performance at a more affordable rate than buying a brand new car.

ECU remapping is an option that is growing in popularity for many car owners. They have a car they love, but they wish that went faster or was more economical. This is where engine remapping comes in. A professional technician will hook the car up to a laptop and adjust the engine.

The amount of improvement in the engine’s performance depends on the type of car that is getting remapping done. Turbocharged cars get the best results. This is because more air is pumped in, unlike aspirated engines where there is necessity for tuning.

If the manufacturer offers versions of a car’s engine with higher power outputs, this is a good sign that the technicians will be able to increase the engine performance. When car owners have the most powerful version of an engine, there is less to work with but gains can still be made. See full article here.

An Engine Remapping Can Benefit You And Your Car

If you’re wondering when your vehicle’s engine oil and filter was last changed, doing this before engine remapping is a great time to do it. Engine remapping can also be used the increase to improve efficiency and MPG. Engine remapping can create more power lower down the rev range, allowing the vehicle to accelerate more progressively with smoother movement.

Engine remapping can also be done to maximize fuel efficiency which can help you cut down on expenses in the long run. Take time to call us: (951) 245-8115 to discover more about exactly what engine remapping is, the benefits that can be unlocked. For economists who want to save money on fuel use, engine remapping can also save you a lot of fuel.

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