Summer Road Trip Checklist: How To Stay Safe And Save Money

A Safety Summer Road Trip In Lake Elsinore!

Summer Road Trip Checklist: How to Stay Safe and Save MoneyA summer road trip can be a long drive and you just never know what can happen so be prepared. Following simple tips can help ensure your summer road trip is safe and enjoyable. I hope your summer road trip will be fun and something you’ll remember for all the right reasons too.

While a summer road trip can be a lot of fun, there will also be times when being in the vehicle for several hours together could get tiresome. The Summer road trip can be a great way to get out and explore. Preparing your car for a summer road trip will help you tackle whatever might happen!

Sumner road trip is a great place to start to ensure your family has an adventure that is fun, safe and full of loving memories they share for years to come.

How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

It’s that time of the year again: time to pack your friends or family in the car and hit the open road. Planning your perfect road trip can be an exhausting ordeal, but we’re here to help. We’ve talked a lot about planning an awesome vacation, but road trips—where you take a long car ride and hit many stops on the way—present their own set of challenges (and opportunities). Here are a few things you should keep in mind as you plan.

Plan Your Route and Stops Before You Leave…

You know your destination, but deciding on your route and stops can really depend on your travel style. HowStuffWorks suggests you make sure everyone is on the same page before you leave to avoid being stuck in a car with unhappy passengers for 8 hours a day. If you have to travel with someone who’s style doesn’t mesh with yours, consider planning a shorter trip.

You’ll save yourself a lot of time and stress if you map out how you’re getting to your destination before you leave (obviously). These two services can help you plan.

  • Roadtrippers: We’ve talked about Roadtrippers before. The service uses Google-Maps based directions to lay out your route and helps you find all the stops along the way. You can now save trips and edit them too. With Roadtrippers you can also calculate fuel costs, time, and distance. Check more here.

Taking these simple precautions before you set out on your summer road trip can mean the difference between the vacation of a lifetime and disaster.


It’s Finally, road trip season. There may not be any more snow drifts or icy roads, but there are still some things people can do to ensure road trips are heavy on fun and light on worry. With that in mind, Meineke is offering tips for a safer, more economical, stress-free journey this summer. With brighter days and warmer temperatures comes the promise of summer and, for the true adventurers among us, the possibility of a road trip more epic than last year.

Planning for a safe and fun road trip is both fun and advantageous. The key word is planning. Answering a few key questions can save time and money and help ensure you don’t find yourself hundreds of miles from your favorite Meineke Car Care Center spending money on repairs that could have been prevented with a little foresight.

Here is a quick road trip checklist to get you started:

  • Check the brakes and rotors
  • Check the fluid levels
  • Check the tires (do they need to be replaced, rotated, patched)
  • Check the tire pressure. Read more here.

Whether drivers choose interstate thoroughfares or back road jaunts, a summer road trip can be an ideal way to bring everyone together for a memorable vacation.

Safety Tips for Summer Road Trips

While there are plenty of awesome things to do in the summer, few can beat the fun of a family road trip! Before you decide to hook up that new boat or camper, or hit the road with your family or friends in your car, SUV, pickup, or RV, take the time to review some summer travel safety tips. Prevention and planning may take a little time up front, but will spare you from dealing with the consequences of a breakdown—or worse yet, a highway crash—later.

Before You Leave

It’s important to regularly maintain your vehicle in order to prevent any breakdowns or mistakes on the road. Make sure that your vehicle has had all the necessary tune-ups, oil changes, battery checks, and tire rotations. It’s a good idea to schedule a preventive maintenance checkup with your mechanic before your trip regardless of how often you maintain your vehicle. Remember that when your vehicle is well maintained, getting it ready for a road trip is relatively quick and easy. =

Vehicle Safety Checklist

Check your vehicle’s tire inflation pressure at least once a month, when your tires are cold (they haven’t been driven on for three hours or more)—and don’t forget to check your spare, if your vehicle is equipped with one. The correct pressure for your tires is listed on a label on the driver’s door pillar or doorframe or in the vehicle owner’s manual—the correct pressure for your vehicle is NOT the number listed on the tire itself. A tire doesn’t have to be punctured to lose air. See full article here.

Safety Tips For Summer Road Trip Is A Must!

Any road-tripper who has suffered the heat of summer will tell you that one of the most important features of a car is the air conditioning system. Following this list of essential things required for a summer road trip will ensure that your trip is as pleasant and as worry-free as possible. Summer road trip will be a great way to relive these memories for many, many years to come.

Remembering to check these four vehicle vitals after every long summer road trip will help ensure that you stay safe throughout all your summer ventures. Planning your summer road trip will make you realize that there are so many things to do. But heat brings its own set of challenges for any vehicle as well so it’s important to give your car a full examination before taking off, call us here: (951) 245-8115.

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