A Car Scratch Repair Made Simple

A Car Scratch Repair Will Be Necessary!

Car Scratch Repair Made SimpleA car scratch repair is unique and requires the car owner to consider the variables of cosmetics, function, and cost. Car scratch repair can be done with a power buffer, hand polishing, wet sanding and touch-up painting. Auto car scratch repair will take fewer hours to complete, at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional body shop.

Deep car scratch repair is where the metal of the body panel is exposed which requires specialist repairs at a car body shop. Either way, knowing how to take care of car scratch repair is a good idea. A simple paint scratch may seem super simple to repair, but it’s not quite as easy as filling in the scratch with touch up paint.A car scratch repair will take less than four hours to complete, at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional body shop.

How to Repair Deep Scratches & Chips in Car Paint (if the Primer is exposed)

If not dealt with quickly, deep scratches and chips exposing your car’s bare metal can rust within a few days and cause serious headaches. Thankfully, Holts has the solution. Holts Paint Match Pro matches to your car paint, just use our handy tool to pick the right colour. It’s simple to use and repairs can be done on your driveway, avoiding costly trips to the body shop. Follow these steps to repair the scratch.

Step 1: Preparation

Start by washing your car with a car shampoo and sponge or microfibre cloth. Then make sure it’s completely dry and clean before you start. You can now properly assess the depth of the scratch. If you’re lucky the damage will only expose the primer. If bare metal is exposed and it has already rusted, check out section 5, our DIY Guide to Painting Metal.

Step 2: Apply the Colour Coat

You’ll need to buy touch-up paint that perfectly matches your car’s paintwork — and that’s where Holts Paint Match Pro comes in. Using our simple on-line colour match checker, you can quickly find the right paint for your car based on its manufacturer, colour or year. The Paint Match Pro range features over 8,000 car colours, and the simple-to-use can is perfect for DIY repair and renovations. Check more here.

Each car scratch repair is unique and requires the car owner to consider the variables of cosmetics, function and cost and second variable with car scratch repair is the width of the scratch.

Car Paint Protection

The Ultimate Guide to Protect Car Paint From Scratches

You may know how to effectively repair your automotive paint if and when it suffers from scratches, but an even more important bit of knowledge is how to protect your auto paint against scratches and other threats in the first place. Not only will car paint protection save you effort, time, and money, it will help to ensure the long-term value and safety of your vehicle. There are many forms of vehicle paint protection, all varying in how they are applied.


One of the simplest answers to the question of how to protect car paint from scratches is clear coat spray paint. Really, this is a second layer of paint for your car, since clear coast is exactly that: clear. The product is paint with no coloring, though it may contain some properties that help preserve the pigmented automotive paint beneath, such as UV protection.


While these thin layers of paint and wax do create some vehicle paint protection, serious efforts to prevent scratches need to involve some thicker barriers. One of the most common and effective methods is the use of paint protection film. This is a thin layer of clear material, often only millimeters thick, that can be smoothed out over just about any stretch of surface on the vehicle, serving as a shield against flying debris, grit, sand, chemicals, and other auto paint-destroying elements. See more here.

The professionals shall ensure that your car scratch repair is completed to a high-quality standard and all scratch repair work comes with a warranty for your peace of mind.

Car Scratch Repair – Advantages & Disadvantages of It

Car is prone to scratches every now and then. We can prevent this from happening, but even after taking many precautions, few scratches do appear on the body of the car. So once the scratches appear, it is our responsibility to repair it. No one wants their car to have scratches as it spoils the look of the car. Hence, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages when we go with Car Scratch Repair.


Repairing car to get rid of scratches can improve the look of your car. It is good for both used and new cars. Especially, if it is a new car, you do not want your car to be in scratches after spending thousands of dollars for buying it. We put lot of effort and money while buying the car to get the best brand and increase the fame in the society. But if we do not repair these scratches frequently, no matter how costly your car is, it looks odd. This will get your name and fame down. Hence, it is must to go with car scratch repairs every now and then. This also helps us to save some big damages that may happen if initial care is not taken.

If you are using used car, then car scratch repair becomes essential. You need to take more care in case of used cars when compared to the new ones. These cars already have scratches before you buy. The car dealers take necessary steps to hide and repair the scratches to get a fair look. So not maintaining your car may result in more scratches than usual. We can get rid on a number of problems, if we perform car scratch repair frequently. Read full article here.

A Car Scratch Repair Can Be Approached In Several Ways

Typically, a car scratch repair will take just a few hours to complete, at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional body shop method. During the paint repair process, professional color matching is undertaken to make sure the car scratch repair is invisible. A car scratch repair will require a visit to a body shop for specialist repairs.

Always remember, all forms of car scratch repair will reduce thickness in your clear coat. We use high-quality paints and products to make sure your car scratch repair is first class, call us here: (951) 245-8115. Car scratch repair will take just a few hours, through the process color matching is undertaken to the manufacturers original specification.
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