A Wheel Alignment Benefits Your Entire Car

A Wheel Alignment Is The Simple Key To A Safe Driving

A Wheel Alignment Benefits Your Entire CarA wheel alignment is one of the most important criteria for keeping your car driving safely and happily. Once a wheel alignment is performed, then the vehicle will be test driven to make sure that it drives straight. Wheel alignment is one of the crucial regular maintenance tasks of any vehicle, big or small.

Some shops try to make it seem like rocket science, but a wheel alignment is a fairly straightforward affair. Proper wheel alignment is necessary for a vehicle to handle well when driving. The parameters that need to be measured and adjusted for proper wheel alignment are camber, caster, thrust, and toe.Correct wheel alignment is essential not only for your safety and comfort on the road but also to extend the life of your tires.

Importance of Wheel Alignment

A lot of things go into maintaining your vehicle so it performs safely and at its best. Proper wheel alignment is one thing that plays an important role. Wheel alignment affects fuel efficiency, tire wear, tire performance, vehicle handling and maneuverability. Wheel alignment is a big factor in a vehicle’s steering response. This leads many to the most frequently asked question about tire alignment, “When should I get an alignment?” There is no absolute answer to the question since all vehicles have different service requirements. A service technician at your local dealership will be able to do a quick test to determine if alignment if necessary. He or she can also give you advice about how often you need to have alignments done.

The Importance of Wheel Alignment

When tires and wheels are out of alignment, a number of problems can develop within a vehicle’s various systems. When alignment is really bad, it’s easy to tell as you drive. The vehicle will pull one way or the other. In other words, if you let go of the steering wheel and the vehicle immediately steers to the left or right, there’s a good chance that there’s an issue with your wheel alignment. Misalignment may also cause vibration that you’ll feel especially in the steering wheel.

SImply put, proper wheel alignments allow for safer driving. Wheel alignment will also extend the life of your tires. Incorrectly aligned wheels are one of the main causes for uneven wear on a tire. Uneven tread wear will decrease the safe driving life of a tire, or in a worst case scenario may damage a tire beyond repair, requiring premature replacement. Read more here.

Wheel alignment is a critical aspect of car maintenance, as misalignment damages your tires and can lead to them wearing out prematurely.


Do you ever find that your vehicle seems to veer, even slightly, to the left or to the right? If so, this could be the result of poor wheel alignment. This is both a simple yet urgently needed fix. Not only will an alignment make for a smoother and safer ride, but it will also extend the lifespan of your tires.

Why Wheel Alignment Matters

When your car is first manufactured, the wheels are aligned, tested, adjusted and ultimately verified at the factory. In a brand new vehicle there shouldn’t be any problem with wheel alignment. But over time, most drivers will find that their wheels fall out of alignment.

There are various reasons for this, most of which have to do with driving conditions. Driving down a poorly maintained road can cause wheels to become misaligned. Driving badly down these roads can make things worse. Hitting potholes and running into curbs can also affect your tire alignment.

Wheel alignment issues may not be noticeable at first but damage can still be occurring. When tires are even slightly out of alignment, it can accelerate uneven wear and tear on your tires. This means your tires won’t be performing as well as they should be, and you might have to spend money to have those tires replaced sooner than expected. See more here.

The wheel alignment is the process of checking and adjusting the angles of the wheels relative to each other and to the car body.


Today’s new car designs all feature a smooth, gentle ride designed for the comfort of the driver and passengers. If your car isn’t offering you the same comfort that it used to and is rattling, shuddering and vibrating along the road, then your car may need a wheel alignment.

In an ideal world, you car would only need to be aligned when it was built. But, because of rough road conditions as well as wear and tear, cars do go out of alignment, needing the help of a car care shop. Why is proper alignment so important? Alignment can cause a myriad of problems for a driver. You may experience difficulty handling the car or steering which can cause safety issues.

Poor alignment can also cause your tires to wear out prematurely. Generally, if you notice that your tires are not wearing evenly, then having your wheel alignment checked by a complete car care center can save you money and driving frustration. Even just an eighth of an inch off on your front tire alignment and your car could be pulling sideways about twenty eight feet per mile. Check full article here.

A Wheel Alignment Is Important To The Health Of Your Car

Tyres with incorrect wheel alignment are likely to suffer from uneven tread wear. The benefits of correct a wheel alignment are improved handling, more miles per gallon and reduced tire wear. The angles of wheel alignment are referred to as toe, camber and caster angles. A correctly aligned car will feel surefooted and stable to drive, whereas an incorrect wheel alignment can cause all manner of issues from excessive tire wear to being dangerous to drive.

Fortunately, problems with a wheel alignment are easy to identify and if you notice any of the following signs you should get your wheel alignment checked by a tire specialist, call us here: (951) 245-8115. Driving a vehicle with improper wheel alignment can cause uneven wear on the tires. Regular wheel alignment can reduce uneven tire wear, improve vehicle handling and steering and save you money by lowering fuel consumption.

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