How to Avoid Aggressive Drivers

The Atmosphere Created By Aggressive Drivers Is Dangerous

How to Avoid Aggressive DriversThe best way to deal with aggressive drivers is to choose not to engage. Dealing with aggressive drivers is extremely frustrating, and it can be so easy to escalate your own behavior to match theirs. The most important change when it comes to aggressive drivers is to change your attitude.

The most common weapon used by Aggressive Drivers is most definitely firearms, most of which were already in the vehicle. The most important way to address aggressive drivers is to report them. Aggressive drivers are often simply trying to get somewhere faster, putting themselves and others at risk.

The best way to stay away from aggressive drivers is to be careful of what you are doing, be a defensive driver by watching what the drivers in front of you are doing, and being courteous to other drivers.


Did you know that road rage is actually considered a crime? In the last 7 years there have been 218 murders and over 12,000 injuries that occurred as a result of road rage. Next time you decide to flip the bird to the driver cruising next to you, remember that you could be hit with a massive fine or even put straight into jail! Road rage and aggressive driving are often used interchangeably. However, although they both result from stressful and tense situations, the subtle differences are important to recognize.

Most angry and hostile drivers behind the wheel might believe that they have road rage, however they are actually only considered to be aggressive drivers. But, what is the turning point for when aggressive driving can ultimately lead to road rage? You may think that road rage is solely characterized with angry driving behaviors, however it is actually considered to occur when a traffic incident escalates into a far more serious and threatening situation.

For example, a person may become so angered over an agressive driving incident that they might decide to act irrationally and retaliate with violence. So, for those drivers who believe that they have road rage; have you ever become so mad from a traffic incident that you reacted with violence? If not, then you are most likely only considered an aggressive driver! Check more here.

Aggressive drivers are high-risk drivers who climb into the anonymity of a vehicle and take out their frustrations on anyone at any time.

7 Ways To Avoid Road Rage

Aggressive driving behaviors, such as speeding and tailgating, can often lead to road rage. According to the National Safety Council, motorists rate this as a top threat to highway safety.

Here, we provide practical tips on how to avoid road rage—as well as some startling stats, common reasons that cause road rage and wisdom from experts—to ensure your safety while driving.

7 ways to avoid road rage:

  1. Move over if someone is tailgating you
  2. Use an “I’m sorry” gesture (e.g. wave) to attempt to defuse the situation
  3. Plan ahead; allow time for delays during your journey
  4. Consider whether you’ve done something to annoy the other driver and adjust your driving accordingly
  5. Listen to music you enjoy
  6. Use your horn sparingly. Read more here.

While avoiding or minimizing contact with aggressive drivers is always advisable, sometimes their dangerous and reckless driving practices will still result in car wrecks.

Play it Safe on the Road – Tips To Avoid Aggressive Driving Situations

The following tips will help you stay calm and protect yourself from aggressive drivers.

Stay Calm Behind the Wheel

  • Plan ahead. Allowing yourself enough travel time will prevent a time crunch.
  • Obey the speed limit. Obeying the speed limit will ensure proper traffic flow.
  • Identify alternate routes. Try to find routes that will enable you to avoid traffic congestion on busier roads.
  • Just be late. Being late for work or an appointment is better than endangering your life or the life of someone else.
  • Drive sober. Absolutely never drink and drive.
  • Keep the kids content. With young children, take regular stops and bring plenty of items to keep them occupied.
  • Don’t let traffic congestion get to you. Keep in mind that traffic congestion is often a regular part of driving and is best handled with a calm attitude. See full article here.

Aggressive Drivers Are Going To Bully Self-driving

The best defense against aggressive drivers is to avoid them. Aggressive drivers are a hazard to others on the road, and cause hundreds of accidents every year. Aggressive drivers can make the road an unpleasant and highly dangerous place for everyone else.

The most aggressive drivers are young white women and young men of all ages. Most aggressive drivers are just in a rush to get from red light to red light and they don’t care about the casualties on the way. Many aggressive drivers are looking for any reason to escalate a situation, call us here (951) 245-8115 for more safety tips.

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