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Auto Brakes in  Lake Elsinore

Make Your Auto Brakes Last Longer NowAuto Brakes are one of the most important auto parts on your vehicle. Auto Brakes are vital to road safety, as they allow drivers to adjust their speed when they encounter obstacles on the road.

They are also used on takeoff and will apply braking automatically in the event the takeoff is aborted over a certain speed.

These Auto Brakes are semi-manual ones where there is little electronic control. Understanding the components of your auto brakes will help you identify issues that they may cause and prevent you from getting swindled at a repair shop.

What do brakes do?

Most people think that brakes stop the car. Wrong! It’s the friction of the tires against the road that slows down and stops a car – the brakes actually stop the wheels from turning.

Because most modern cars use disc brakes exclusively, we will ignore drum-type brakes for this article. To simplify things, we won’t get into anti-lock brakes either.

Disc brakes consist of five things:

  1. Brake discs (or rotors)
  2. Calipers
  3. Brake pads
  4. Brake lines
  5. Brake master cylinder

A disc brake has a plate-like disc (also called a rotor) attached to the wheel. This plate is squeezed by the brake pads within a caliper, much the same way that you might squeeze a spinning plate between your thumb and fingers to slow it down.

The brake pads consist of two layers: a metal backing plate and a high-friction material that does the work by pressing against the brake disc. In addition to serving as a “platform” for the friction material, the backing plate also protects the brake caliper from excessive heat buildup. Read more here.

Know the best way to take care of this, you may be mollified to realize that of all the essential bits of well-being hardware in a vehicle, the auto brakes are most presumably the most imperative and least demanding to deal with.

Ways To Make Your Brakes Last Longer

I’ve made brakes last more than 90,000 miles on my personal vehicle and, as a racecar driver in 24-hour events, kept brakes alive for hours. In other races, I burned the pads almost down to the backing plate in fewer than 50 miles. That was perfect. The events were but 40 miles long.

You can make your brakes last a long time or you can wear them out quickly. The choice is yours. Done judiciously, the following money-saving driving techniques won’t clog traffic and few other drivers will notice.

If your brakes wear rapidly and these tips don’t help, the problem is with your car, your mechanic, poorly chosen or installed brake parts, or others who drive the car (teenage boy in the house?). The problem could be one of simple geography, if you happen to live in the mountains.

  1. 1. Speed Kills.

    Stops from high speed are the mortal enemy of brakes. And a little more speed hurts more than you can imagine. Stopping from 65 mph rather than 55 forces the brakes to dissipate about a third more energy. (Warning: scary math formula coming.) The car’s motion is called kinetic energy. It’s calculated by multiplying half the car’s weight by the square of its speed. (For the math-challenged, “the square” means speed is multiplied times itself.) Brakes sacrifice their lives by turning energy into heat. A little less speed means a lot less kinetic energy — and brake material — needs to be transformed into heat. (No more physics, I promise.) See more here.

There are numerous ways to service car brakes, many people who have a reasonable degree of mechanical skills do this at home, in fact, DIY fitting of auto brakes is one of the largest segments of vehicle servicing.

Checking and maintenance of car brake system

The brakes are the most important active safety of a car and one of its key pieces. However, many drivers do not seem to understand it well. According to a statistics, about 40% of the defects detected by the ITV correspond to the brakes. It is not enough to bring the car to the shop when something goes wrong.   Care should be taken earlier for your car security feature before facing an accident. Have the brakes checked. The braking system is the vehicle’s most important safety item.

External elements that influence the braking

Keep your car in perfect condition during springs. A damping brake System responsible for an increase of 10% in the distance necessary to restrain. Keep an eye on the state and the pressure of your tires because they determine the effectiveness of the braking, since one of its missions is to convey the power and braking.

Take into account the state of the road, there are asphalt, which grip better than others, and the weather also affect the efficiency and capacity of the braking. Exercise caution when snow and ice (the adhesion is practically zero) and the first drops of rain, mixed with dust and dirt of the driveway, turned in a strong slider. Read full article here.

Benefits Auto Brakes Maintenance

Pollution from auto brakes may cause health problems. Auto brakes may be failing to release the condition can seem to reverse itself, but could leave you with no brakes at all.

If your auto brakes are malfunctioning you should seek immediate repair and at an affordable rate, our certified technicians will fix and repair your brakes. Your auto brakes are safe in the hands of our team of experienced professionals. Give us a call now (951) 245-8115.

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