Auto Frame Repair

Frame Repair in Lake Elsinore

Frame RepairThe key to accurate frame repair is the proper diagnosis. If your vehicle has been damaged – by your fault or another – and a car frame repair is required, think hard about a settlement offer by your insurance company – or the other – for anything but the fair market value of the car.

Frame repair is fairly self-explanatory, as it is the process of restoring your frame to its factory specifications. Perhaps the most time-consuming part of doing a frame repair is making the repair so the vehicle performs as good as it looks. That is where Collision Pros excels. Consider the following. 

Auto Frame Repair

Frame Repair

Auto frame repair is a serious concern following many accidents. At its least dangerous, a bent frame causes misalignment of your vehicle tires. This results in reduced gas mileage and accelerated tire wear. At its worst, a bent frame could cause serious structural damage that may not properly hold the weight of your car over time. The options available to those dealing with an auto frame repair are detailed below:

Straightening an Auto Frame

In some cases, bending the auto frame back into place following a fender bender may be enough to fix the solution. Due to the high precision and danger associated with such a repair, an experienced auto technician should only attempt this process. Sophisticated tools such as laser alignment aids and alignment software are required to bend the metal back to the precise angle of realignment. Even with such specialized tools, the truth is that alignment may never quite be the same as before the accident. For best results, choose a mechanic who has years of experience with performing framework repairs.

Welding the Auto Frame

A less sophisticated fix for auto frame repair involves slicing off the bent portion of frame and welding in a straight piece of metal in its place. This process often serves as a second option in instances when bending the metal is not an option. While this process is achieves realignment more easily then bending, the potential for reducing the vehicle’s structural integrity should not be ignored. For all but the most experienced welder, a frame-welding project runs the risk of resulting in inadequate strength at the weld points.

As such, welding a car frame is not a recommended do-it-yourself job. Due to the weight of your vehicle, along with the constant pressures of impact shock and other forces, it’s not worth the few dollars of savings to attempt the job on your own.

Accepting the Auto Frame Repair as a Total Loss

In many cases, an auto shop will inform the car owner that the frame is bent beyond repair. In such cases, the only option is to scrap the vehicle as a total loss. For those with auto insurance, this means that you’ll be cut a check for the estimated value of your vehicle. Hopefully, this check will be enough to cover the purchase of a new car. While it may be difficult to accept the fact that your vehicle is beyond repair, the truth is that a simple bent frame is exceptionally dangerous. As such, it’s best to just bite the bullet and say goodbye to your trusted vehicle.

Auto frame repair is a highly specialized job to be handled only by highly skilled car frame repair technicians using specialty tools and equipment. In order to make sure that auto frame repair is done right, you will have to hire the services of an expert.

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