Windshield Repair Lake Elsinore, CA
or Windshield Replacement at “Collision Pros”


Windshield Rock Chips and Cracks

By taking care of minor windshield cracks, chips and abrasions now,
you can avoid the high costs associated with complete windshield replacement.

The professionals at “Collision Pros” know exactly how to repair your windshield chip so that the glass remains intact and virtually blemish-free using minimally-invasive and speedy windshield glass repair techniques.

How Long Does the Windshield Auto Glass Repair Take?
In fact, most damage can be repaired in under 30 minutes. (Note: Drive Away times may vary depending on the size of the chip, crack and/or ambient temperature affecting curing time etc.)

When you choose “Collision Pros” for your vehicle’s windshield glass repair, you get a cost-effective alternative to complete automotive window glass replacement.

“Collision Pros” also provides no-cost to you windshield chip repairs. If you carry comprehensive
insurance coverage on your vehicle, most major insurance companies will waive the deductible and pay for the full cost of windshield repair. To schedule a convenient appointment time for repair or see if your windshield chip can be repaired at no-cost to you.


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Windshield repair saves you time and money!

“Collision Pros” is your Lake Elsinore California local solution for repairing your windshield crack(s) at an affordable price!

You’ve probably heard that even an annoying little rock chip or crack in your windshield, (Like the one pictured above), can quickly turn into a long spidering crack that could end up requiring complete windshield replacement?

So unfortunately, what you’ve heard is TRUE! If the chip is not repaired right away, temperature variations, road vibration and normal driving conditions go to work on it and sometimes quickly but always eventually can create a crack(s) that spreads across the entire windshield. But fortunately you can get your small rock chip or crack repaired today with “Collision Pros” Windshield Chip and Crack Repair Service in Lake Elsinore.

Let “Collision Pros” inexpensively solve your cracked or rock chipped auto glass problem.

Just give us a call: (951) 398-3118 for all your auto glass needs to schedule appointment time that fits your schedule or bring your vehicle in now. In many cases we can get drive in customers windshield repairs done the same day.