The Best Car Polish Provides Protection

Best Car Polish vs Wax

A Best Car Polish Provides ProtectionBest car polish is defined as something that restores the original finish, in car terms a polish is defined as an abrasive liquid that can be used to polish out scratches, a chemical cleanser which cleans the paint or an all-in-one. A car polish is entirely different from a car wax, which provides protection. In today’s terms, the best car polish is a product that cleans and smoothes the paint using abrasives or chemical cleaners.

Polishing contrary to popular belief is actually where all the paintwork depth, clarity and looks will be enhanced, it does not come from a true carnauba wax or paint sealant, and whilst these can add a little more lustre to the finish, using a car polish is the real key to paintwork with a show-stopping shine. Best car polish is a tool used to improve the finish on a car. Car polish is a product that removes dirt, grease, scratches and scrapes from automobile paint.

The difference between car wax and car polish is that car wax is a paint sealant users apply after washing and polishing their cars, and car polish is a cleaner that prepares cars for car wax.

What is the Difference Between Car Wax and Car Polish and Why it Matters

What is a Car Polish?

In contrast to a wax a car polish is a product that uses an abrasive action to remove very fine layers of the top coat protection to flatten out the surface to ensure and equal reflection of the light and thus a highly polished look. Such products come in varying degrees of abrasiveness from medium to ultra fine.

The quality modern polish will be made of what is known as diminishing abrasives which break down into further smaller particles as they are worked on the paint thus getting finer and finer the more they are “polished” into the paint.

This avoids the need to go through varying steps of abrasiveness in different bottles to achieve a highly polished look. Many polishes also contain gloss enhancing oils which further help to provide a deep look shine to the paint work.

What however is missing by just applying your polish is any protection to the polished paintwork, which is where your wax comes in to protect all the hard work you have just put in polishing and a achieving that deep gloss shine. See more here.

People using car polish can apply it with electric car polishers or with clothes, moving in large circular motions and can help to restore the shine to your car’s paintwork.

How to Polish your Car

Car polish works to smooth out scratches and imperfections in your car’s paint. This may be because of the chemicals the polish contains, or because it’s slightly abrasive (like a very gentle liquid sandpaper) – it depends on the polish you use.

How to polish a car by hand

Before you polish your car, clean your car and dry it using a chamois leather, squeegee or microfibre towel.

  • Apply polish to cloth or pad – Apply a small amount of polish to your cloth or foam pad.
  • Spread the polish – Dab the polish around the area you’re working on (it’s best to do a little bit at a time) and gently spread it around.
  • Start working in the polish – Some people like to use circular motions, and some like to go up and down then left and right, but use your cloth or pad and work the polish into the paint, following the contours of the car.
  • Keep going! – Keep working in the polish until it’s almost clear.
  • Leave the polish to cure if required – Some polishes need to be left on the car – check the packaging to see whether you need to do this.
  • Buff off the polish – Using a clean, very soft cloth (microfibre towels are great for this), buff off the polish residue, making sure to keep folding the cloth to use the clean areas. Read more here.

The long lasting, deep protection and shine benefits of best Car Polish are greatly superior to common car waxes, which only form a wax layer on top of the vehicles surface, providing only short-term surface protection.


It’s easy to give out advice on what steps to take to make your car look good, but there are some variables that come into play that we need to consider before we pick up the polisher.  The first one is your expectations. Let’s face it, some damage can’t be repaired or it may simply be outside of your personal skill set. The term polish is thrown around loosely in our industry.  For our purposes, a paint polish is a product used to remove small amounts of the paint’s surface. Don’t worry, this is at a microscopic level and will not mess with the integrity of your paint film build. The cutting ability of the polish will determine the amount of paint removed with each hand stroke or each revolution of a buffer, as well as the resulting finish.  A fine polish will create a deep, wet-looking gloss, whereas a coarse polish may cloud the paint’s surface.  Each polish is designed for a specific purpose (e.g., repair or refine) and application (e.g., hand or machine)

When it comes to a polish, this isn’t as simple as picking up the bottle and applying it to your car. There are many variables that come in to play when you are thinking of doing a little paint rejuvenation.

First, let’s start with the  following considerations:

  • Paint Condition
  • Paint Hardness (Harder paint will require more aggressive products and more work.)
  • Paint Thickness. Read full article here.

A Regular Car Polish Is A Key Maintenance To Your Car!

Best car polish is used to enhance the finish and paint job of a car, and can easily be done at home with a little extra elbow grease. Most good, high-quality brands of car polish are designed to produce good results on all types of paintwork, however. Car polish can reduce and even eliminate the appearance of scratches in the paint, and can make the entire surface much smoother.  While a full best car polish will help remove heavy oxidization and scratches, if the paint has not been decontaminated beforehand, all the embedded grit will reintroduce scratches and swirls to the paint as the polishing pad runs over the contaminates.

The quality of our best car polish is vital for achieving consistently brilliant, professional results our customers will rave about.The correct use of car polish will not only maintain the look of your car but protect its value over time, making this an essential step in car grooming. Our best car polish can remove contaminants using the proper chemicals and professional techniques you may contact us here for more information (951) 245-8115. In addition to polishing cars, car polish can be used for many shiny household objects like jewelry, dishware, silverware, etc.

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