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Money, Time and Sanity Saving Tips When You Need Collision Repair

What ARE they Talking About? What does that Mean?
Traffic Accidents requiring collision repairs are stressful enough without a bunch of techno-speak. Terminology and acronyms used during the collision repair process can be confusing. Below are questions most commonly asked about repair procedures and phrases found on estimates.

  • OEM Original equipment manufactured (parts directly from the dealer).
  • LKQ Like, Kind, and Quality (OEM parts that have been taken off a vehicle that was probably totaled or sold for parts.
  • REMAN Original equipment part that has been refurbished for resale.
  • AFTERMARKET Parts made from someone other than the original manufacturer.  They are often less expensive than OEM parts, which is why your insurance might require us to use them.  Some aftermarket parts have been certified by CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association). CAPA tests for quality standard fits and corrosion protection, and verifies that the parts are similar to OEM. The parts supplier will offer a lifetime guarantee against rust and leakage
Who Is Responsible For My Collision Repair Bill if I'm at Fault?
Ultimately, you the vehicle owner is responsible. However the insurance company has a legal obligation to their insured to pay for the repairs up to the the amount of the Deductible. Generally an insured will pay their deductible and the insurance company will pay the rest to the insured unless the insured specifically notifies the insurance company they want them to pay the body shop directly. If this were so you would need to sign a “Direction To Pay” which gives authorization to the insurance to pay us directly.
Do I Have To Go to the Collision Repair Shop My Insurance Company Recommends?
The Simple Answer is No! It is your legal right to do business with the shop of your choice according to the This link will open in a New Window/Tab. Close that Window-Tab to Return to our FAQ Page. California Auto Body Repair Consumer Bill of Rights  which we fully support and defend. If your clams adjuster tries to convince you to go to a repair shop of their choosing, it may be because that shop does sub-par repairs using sub-par parts, costing the insurance company less. In that situation you lose.

Do I need more than one estimate?
The answer is Emphatically NO! The state of California says: “Select the auto body repair shop to repair auto body damage covered by the insurance company. An insurance company shall not require the repairs to be done at a specific auto body repair shop.” Check your California Auto Body Repair This link will open in a New Window/Tab. Close that Window-Tab to Return to here our FAQ Page. Consumer Bill of Rights  Besides that most reputable, licensed shops utilize a computerized repair database to produce accurate damage estimates.

Can I get a price quote over the phone?
No, It is illegal for any insurance estimate to be adjusted or even prepared without a physical inspection of the damage by the adjuster. We might be able to give you a price for a part but not an actual repair without examining the vehicle. DO NOT ever accept an estimate that is “agreed to” over the phone.

Do I have to make an appointment to get an estimate?
If you do make an appointment it will probably save you some waiting time, however without an appointment 8:am to 4:pm M – F, we can complete an estimate of repairs while you wait. On Saturdays estimates are by appointment only between 8:am and 1:pm.

Does Collision Pros Communicate with my Insurance Company?
Absolutely!  We take care of the estimate and notify you when the vehicle can begin the repair process.  Most times, if you are not at fault for the accident the insurance company will pay us directly so you don’t have to worry about payment.  If you are the at fault driver, you will likely have to pay a deductible depending on your insurance policy.

How will I know if my insurance company will pay for repairs?
Every car insurance policy is different and is unique to your coverage needs.  At Collision Pros Auto Body and Paint one of our estimators will discuss these differences with you when you come in for your initial estimate.  Note that unrelated prior damages (UP Damages) are not covered, or may possibly be covered with an additional deductible.

Do I have to pay a deductible?
Your insurance policy and who is at fault determines if you are responsible for a deductible. Contact your insurance company or agent to determine whether or not your deductible has been waived or if you are responsible to pay it. If you are responsible for a deductible, your payment will be due to us upon completion of the repairs to your vehicle.

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Collision Pros Services

Do you give free estimates?
Yes Collision Pros provides complete estimates FREE of charge. We do take drive-ins but making an appointment to get your estimate can save you time though appointments are not required.

You can bring your vehicle by anytime during M-F 8am to 5pm - Saturday by Appointment Onlynormal business hours to get an estimate. Appointments can be arranged for estimates on Saturdays.

NOTE: Bent Vehicle Frame Diagnosis; because it requires a lot of time and specialized equipment is considered a service and is NOT part of a Free Estimate. Prices for Frame Diagnostics vary from vehicle to vehicle and the extent of damage. So there is no flat rate price for Frame Diagnosis.

Are you a Full Service Auto Body Repair and Paint Shop?
 Yes Absolutely. Our management and technicians are I-Car Trained and Certified to handle everything from Paintless Dent and Scratch Removal to complete auto body collision repairs including vehicle frame computerized laser diagnosis and frame straightening to factory specifications. We are experts at auto glass repair and replacement as well as window tinting.

Of course we also do partial to complete vehicle paint jobs and use the latest technology in Auto Paint Match Mixing so you are assured of the paint matching its original color.

We handle it all including if your air conditioning system is damaged we can replace the necessary parts and re-charge the system with the correct refrigerant for your vehicle. We also do wheel repair.  The only thing we may outsource is wheel alignment and tire balancing.

Will I have to leave my car overnight for a dent or scratch removal?
 It depends on the severity of the dent or scratch of course and how early or late in the day you bring in your vehicle. If you’re in early enough and we can use the paintless dent removal process, we can usually have it out the same day or even while you wait.

If I leave my car overnight will it be secure?
 Your vehicle will be kept inside our locked and secured shop area where we have 4 security cameras running 24/7 with motion sensor flood lights.

Do You Offer Car Rental Referral Service?
 We can make arrangements with a local rental car company to meet you at our facility with a rental car. If you have rental car coverage the rental company should be able to set up a direct billing with your insurance company unless your policy states otherwise.

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Body Repair Work

What type of parts will be used in the repair of my vehicle?
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts can be used for repairs, or your insurance company may recommend the use of alternative parts. Alternative or Recycled parts, referred to as LKQ (Like Kind and Quality) are remanufactured parts that are repaired by a qualified recycle facility and returned to replacement parts quality. After Market parts are manufactured by someone other than the original vehicle maker. When these parts are being used for car repairs, make sure to ask if the parts are Certified Insurance Quality. This will ensure that you are receiving a high quality replacement part.

It is the shops responsibility to make sure that only High Quality Certified Parts are being used. At Collision Pros your estimator will review and verify all parts needed and decide which parts are available and cost most effective. You and your insurance company will be kept informed of which parts are being used to repair your vehicle.

Can my car be repaired if there is damage to the frame?
It depends on the extent of the damage to the vehicle’s frame and other parts of the vehicle. In most cases YES, the car is repairable even if the frame is damaged.  The only time an insurance company will consider a car a total loss is when the extent of the damage makes the cost of the repairs exceed what your insurance company determines is the value of the car.  With the technology available today our technicians are able to restore your vehicle’s frame alignment back to its factory specifications with the help of our computerized laser measuring systems.  Collision Pros utilizes the Velocity Computerized Laser Frame Diagnosis system.  The world’s most accurate frame diagnosis system for factory specification repair precision.

What is a Unibody?
Years ago, most car bodies were placed on frames also called chassis. Today, cars are built on a unibody. A unibody is multiple components welded together to form a complete structure. Most unibodies are constructed of high strength steel. Some are made of aluminum because it is lighter and some cars demand a lighter body (ie. Jaguar). Pickup Trucks however are still built on frames. See the images below:
Unibody Uni-Body

Conventional Frame

Do you have to remove a damaged bumper to paint it?
 It depends on the severity of the damage.  In some cases Paintless Dent Removal can be used to facilitate the repair without removing the bumper. If the damage is sever enough to require more than Paintless Dent Removal or Paintless Scratch Removal; In order to do a professional quality bumper refinish, we must be able to paint the edges that are tightly fit against the car. Anything less would jeopardize the durability of the paint procedure. In these cases short cuts are NOT recommended at Collision Pros

Do you have to remove the window glass and body moldings from my quarter panel in order to paint it?
We remove those pieces so we can paint the quarter panel properly.  If we did not remove them, and only covered the glass edges, you would notice peeling or chipping around areas that were not properly prepped. Because we guarantee our refinishes, it has to be done right. You are entitled to have your vehicle restored back to pre-accident condition.  Therefore, we highly recommend removal of these pieces before painting.

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Vehicle Painting and Touch Up Work

Why do you have to remove the bumper to paint it?
In order to do a professional quality bumper refinish, we must be able to paint the edges that are tightly fit against the car. Anything less would jeopardize the durability of the paint procedure. Short cuts are NOT recommended at Collision Pros.

How soon after it's painted can I wash my car?
Do not use a commercial car wash for at least 60 days. Their equipment and harsh chemicals can damage your vehicles finish and void your warranty within the first 60 days. The car may be hand washed within a week using a mild car soap and a gentle cloth or sponge. Do not park under trees to avoid bird droppings and sap that may damage the finish.. If this does happen, wash off using a soft cloth, mild detergent and water as soon as possible.

How soon may I wax my vehicle?
We recommend waiting 90 days for the finish to completely cure before you wax it for the first time.

Why must you remove the glass and moldings from my quarter panel in order to paint it?
We remove those pieces so we can paint the quarter panel properly. If we did not remove them, and only covered the glass edges, you would notice peeling or chipping around areas that were not properly prepped. Because we guarantee our refinishes, it has to be done right. You are entitled to restore your investment back to pre-accident condition. Therefore, we highly recommend removal of these pieces before painting.

Will you be able to achieve a perfect color match on my vehicle?
Yes.  We use PPG’s TOUCHMIX® Computerized Paint Mixing System. Along with the damaged panels of your vehicle, the adjacent panels of the repair area are also prepared for refinishing. The repair area receives a base coat color and, as it is being applied, the color is blended into the adjacent panels. After painting, the first layer of clear coat is applied only to the repair area. After proper dry time, the clear coat is applied to the repaired portion and the entire adjacent panels. This procedure assures an undetectable repair every time, and is the recommended repair method by most vehicle manufacturers.

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Auto Glass Window Repair and Replacement Work

Will my Insurance cover the price of a new windshield replacement or an existing windshield repair?
Yes, if you have full Comprehensive coverage in your policy. Your only out of pocket expensive should be your comprehensive deductible (Which is different than your collision deductible). If you think your deductible is even higher than the cost of your window or windshield repair or replacement cost, be sure to confirm that you are not confusing your “comprehensive” deductible with your “collision” deductible. “Collision” deductibles are usually higher, but not applicable to windshield repair or replacement. It you still think you have a high comprehensive deductible, Contact Us. We may be able to provide different options to help you out.

How do I know if the window or windshield damage can be repaired?
If your windshield damage is smaller than the size of a half dollar, then it may qualify for repair. However, certain variables may play a role in whether or not your window or windshield can be repaired. We do offer free auto glass repair or replacement estimates. Click Here to learn more or give us a call at bring your vehicle in during M-F 8am to 5pm - Saturday by Appointment Onlynormal business hours for a free estimate.

How does the repair process work?
Performing a windshield repair involves a technical process that consists of injecting a specially formulated resin into the damaged area and then curing it with ultraviolet light. The strength and clarity is sufficiently restored for safety-related purposes. This process can take 1 to 1 & 1/2 hours.

How will a rock chipped windshield look after repair?
Your rock chip should become noticeably clearer when repaired. However, clarity is dependent upon the size, age, the amount of glass missing from the center, and the quantity of fragmented glass within the break. When looking through the glass, vision should not be impaired.

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About Our Facility

Do you have an air conditioned customer waiting area
 Yes we do. Below is a picture and office dimensions by area. Our customer waiting area only seats 4 comfortably but in this business it is seldom there are more than 4 people waiting at any given time.

Collision Pros Office Area

Is your shop big enough to work on several cars at one time?
 Yes with room left over. See our Shop Dimensions below:

Collision Pros Shop Area

Do you have Off street Parking and Secured Parking?
Yes we have ample off street parking and customer vehicles are secured overnight. See parking information below:

Collision Pros Parking

Where can I get Printed Driving Directions to your Facility Online?
On our “Contact Us” page, follow the directions to get printed directions from your location to our location.