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Bent Car Frame Repair

FRAME REPAIR Lake Elsinore:
Vehicle Frame is Bent – Does that Mean it’s TOTALED?

So your car, light truck or mini-van was in an accident and a well meaning mechanic, “friend” or maybe someone from a body shop tells you it “looks like” your car has a “Bent frame“, and your insurance company will probably consider it totaled; but even if they pay to fix it, “It will still never be straight again”. OR … “it will have premature tire wear and just won’t drive or handle right.”

Well Now; That Sounds Pretty Scary

But unless your friend or the body shop guy happens to have about $15,000.00 worth of frame machine, frame rack and frame diagnostic equipment with a laser diagnostics computer generated print out, proving your vehicle is beyond repair, it’s time for a second opinion from someone who has the diagnostic and repair equipment, including the experience needed to use it to put your vehicle back in pre-accident condition. “Collision Pros Auto Body and Paint” Frame Repair . . .

From its brawny 10-Ton towers to its impressive 10,000 pound lift capacity, EZ Liner™ S21 combines

Straightening Bent Car Frame

. . . all the raw power needed with the innovative and easy-to-use features Chief is famous for to enable our techs to get the job done in a timely manner. Your vehicles frame will be straightened to factory specifications accuracy incorporating our Computerized Laser Frame Measurement system; the Velocity Max.

Our advanced EZ Liner™-S21 lift and frame machine when combined with our complete laser measuring system and computerized print out, allows us to show you your vehicles frame alignment condition before, during and after the repair. Our computerized diagnostic software allows for better inspections and faster frame repair cycle times; therefore providing a timely move through to our body and paint system.

Collision Pros can repair just about anything that might get bent on a vehicle including bent or damaged wheels.

OK – Collision Pros of Lake Elsinore can handle the heavy duty stuff like Frame Repair; but what about the light duty stuff like paint chip and scratch repair?


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