What is “Scratch Removal”?

Another Way Collision Pros
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Paintless Scratch Repair or Removal is an intricate technique of auto body repair for the removal of scratches, paint imperfections, inclusions, brake dust contamination, bird droppings, dead bug body acid blemishes, permanent dirt marks etc. and requires as much experience and finesse as Paintless Dent Removal.

Old Fashioned Scratch Repair Methods

Conventional car body shops have their place and there are some first-class. Their methods can be necessary if you’ve been in a substantial collision. But if your damage is modest, like a regular car scratch paint touch up repair; using a conventional body shop can often be needless.

In order to insure a superior and permanent scratch repair, traditional paint shops can require the prepping and painting of entire body panels even for the smallest car scratch repair, chips, & bumper scrapes. This process is frequently (not always) simply not necessary. It also can do more harm than good when they repaint over the “perfect” section of your factory finish needlessly. Will the color match be exact? Sometime, Maybe.

With today’s labor, materials, and waste disposal charges, the average auto body shop will keep your car for at least a couple of days and has to charge significantly high prices for even the smallest conventional car scratch repair. Add to that the expense of leasing a rental car while yours is in the shop.

Don’t Assume The Worst About Scratch Repair

Don’t assume your vehicles body paint scratches and blemishes will require the more costly scratch repair method of color matching, sanding, priming, masking and spray painting. Paintless Scratch Repair or removal is a far more cost effective way to restore the beauty of your vehicle’s body paint. At Collision Pros we are experts at Paintless Scratch Removal or Scratch Repair.

Take a look at the “Before and After” work here:

Scratch Dent Repair Before & Aftrer

It is likely that at one time or another, you have experienced one or more scratches or chips in the body paint of your vehicle. Did you know that there are ways scratches can be repaired without costly sanding, priming and spray painting at a body shop?

From Body Dent and Paint Scratch Removal to Bent Frame Repair, Collision Pros is the local body shop to count on to get it right the first time every time:


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