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Our Technicians are Experts at Paintless Bumper and Body Dent Repair Convenient, Fast and VERY Affordable PDR

dENT BEFORE AFTER PDRYou May Not Need To Replace That Bumper Or Body Panel

Paintless Dent Repair/Removal or PDR, is the most convenient, fast and affordable process in removing dents from your vehicle without the use of paints or fillers. PDR is achieved by working underneath or behind the dent and massaging the metal to its original form using job specific hand tools with techniques developed over years of experience right here in our body shop.I-CAR GOLD CERTIFIED icon

Once the dent is repaired, it appears it was never there. With no paint or fillers used, the vehicle maintains the original factory finish eliminating the worry of paint matching and depreciation of your automobile.

Don’t Assume Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) methods Can’t Repair a Dent Due to its Location

“So Where On My Car and What Types Of Dents Can Be Repaired Using PDR?”

Paintless Dent Removal on Body Seams and Edges
Collision Pros can repair dings and dents on your car’s bumpers or body panels caused by things like shopping carts, golf balls, flying skate boards, a baseball pitch gone wild, a 5 year old with a hammer, another driver with bad parking issues or any number of other causes.

Most other body repair shops consider dents on body lines, or the vertical and horizontal creases (See illustration below), of a car body as not being candidates for PDR. That is not always the case.

With Collision Pros 25+ years of experience in auto body repair, we have mastered the art of Paintless Dent Repair and we go beyond the supposed limits of P.D.R. by doing repairs other companies won’t even consider.

Paintless Dent Removal on Seems and body panel edgesThe Exceptions: On large abnormal dents it may not be possible to get a 100% factory fresh looking repair, but upon our inspection and FREE Estimate, you will be told in detail how the dent repair should look with an 80% to 95% improvement. Of course if that is the case, we will also give you non-PDR options to affect a 100% repair. The choice will be yours.

In most cases our PDR technicians can use special tools, skills and techniques that allow them to push dents back out without cracking or breaking the exterior paint. This method does away with the need for costly paintwork.

If you’ve been told a dent in your car’s body can’t be repaired inexpensively due to its location, get a second opinion and FREE Estimate:


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