Does Bumper Repair Have To Be So Expensive?

A Bumper Repair In Lake Elsinore

Does Bumper Repair Have to Be So Expensive? Auto bumper repair is one of the most common forms of bodywork performed on automobiles. A common concern with auto bumper repair is the fact that body shops may overcharge for parts or labor. Plastic bumper repair is an inseparable part of every car repair, which got into the minor or major accident. Plastic Bumper Repair can repair scuffed, scratched, dented, detached and torn bumpers for much less than replacement cost.

Bumper Repair is a two-component, epoxy-based filler for repairing small damage to bumpers and rigid or semi-rigid plastics. Bumper repair is designed to fix damages ranging from scratches and cracks to dents and holes. Plastic bumper repair is the process of repairing scuffs, scrapes, dents, holes, and rips in plastic bumper covers without removing the bumper from the vehicle.  Bumper repair can be tackled in a number of ways, but it largely depends on the type of bumper your vehicle has. Common things we paint besides plastic bumper repair are; side mirrors, moldings, rocker panels, body kits, door handles and all other plastic pieces.

Car Bumper Cost

How Much Does a Car Bumper Cost?

Instead of being a safety feature designed to protect the vehicle’s occupants from injury, the function of a bumper is to absorb the energy from a low-speed collision without significant damage to itself and little or no damage to the front or rear end of the vehicle, thereby reducing the overall cost of repairs after a minor fender-bender. Modern bumpers typically consist of a plastic cover over a reinforcement bar made of steel, aluminum, fiberglass composite or plastic.

Typical costs:

  • Replacing a typical passenger car bumper can cost $100-$1,000 or more for just the bumper, depending on the year, make and model of vehicle; the material the bumper is made of; and whether the bumper was produced by the vehicle’s original manufacturer (OEM) or is an aftermarket bumper made by other companies.
  • Installing and painting the new bumper can cost $200-$600 or more, bringing average total costs to $300-$1,600 or more.
  • Bumpers for SUVs, pickup trucks and luxury vehicles can cost more, again depending on materials and source. Auto Parts Warehouse[1] estimates that a basic steel chrome-plated bumper can cost $120-$1,000 or more, while a carbon fiber bumper might be $650-$5,000 or more. On PriusChat[2] , Prius owners reports charges of $400-$1,100 to replace a bumper. See more here.

The steps involved in performing the bumper repair are laid out in detail, from cleaning the area to mixing and applying the repair compound.

How to Repair Your Plastic Bumper

If you’re driving around with a big hole in your car’s plastic bumper, you need to stop. There’s no reason to disgrace your beloved car or truck by subjecting it to ridicule due to the gaping tear in its otherwise beautifully painted plastic bumper cover. Seriously though, even a minor accident can result in a damaged bumper. Sometimes you’re lucky and you can get away with simply sanding and painting the damaged area.

Clean Up the Bumper Damage
The first step in repairing a plastic bumper is to clean the wound, so to speak. Chances are your damage was not a simple cut. Before you patch it, you need to cut off any bits that are sticking out. Anything that’s breaking the natural contour of the bumper needs to be cut off. It may seem counterproductive to make your hole even bigger before you patch it, but those pieces sticking out will prevent you from creating a smooth surface with the patch.

Add Some Reinforcement to the Repair Area
In order to create as lasting a repair as possible, you need to reinforce the area behind the holes before you add any filler to the front. To do this, cut a piece of auto repair cloth or mesh that is sized about an inch larger than your hole on all sides. Soak the cloth with fiberglass impregnated body filler and press it onto the back side of your damage holes. Allow at least 3 hours for the repair patch to set before proceeding to the next step. Read more here.

Ensuring your bumper repair will come out looking like new while saving your time and money and this means that your car bumper repair will be handled without you having to worry about the charges.

5 Benefits of a Rear Bumper Guard

A rear bumper guard is usually one of two things. It can be a set of vertical bars attached to the bumper, although this type of guard is more commonly used on front bumpers, or it can be a plastic foam-filled pad or a rubber pad that easily attaches or detaches from the back of a vehicle. Rear bumper guards can provide several benefits. Here are a few.

Protect the Vehicle When Parking
It’s easy to bump into a pole, fence or even another vehicle when you are parallel parking. Parking garages can also cause a problem because of the cramped conditions and large amounts of cement pillars which can cause significant damage to a vehicle when hit. A plastic foam-filled guard will protect your bumper from any damage by providing a cushion. The foam will absorb a moderate amount of pressure so the vehicle bumper doesn’t get damaged. The guard will also act as a barrier which will prevent paint from scraping off your vehicle.

Reduce Whiplash During a Fender Bender
A rear bumper guard will absorb the shock of an impact during a fender bender and reduce the chance of whiplash and other injuries to the occupants in the vehicle. Vertical bars will completely absorb the shock so the occupants will feel little of the impact. A foam-filled guard will absorb a large portion of the impact shock. A rubber pad won’t provide much protection, so it’s a better idea to pick one of the first two types of rear bumper guards if you’re looking for whiplash protection in a fender bender. Read full article here.

Bumper Repair Will Match Like New

The bumper repair will help you keep this part of your vehicle in tip-top shape and ready to protect the most delicate. Bumper repair can be as simple as a paint touch-up or as complex as hidden damage on reinforcements and support brackets. In addition, a plastic bumper repair can be reliably carried out whether it’s a thermoplastic or thermoset bumper, which will depend on your vehicle. The cost of Bumper Repair can vary from shop to shop and depends on the degree of damage done to the bumper, as well as the year make and model of the vehicle.

Professional plastic bumper repair is much faster and better. Body repair, frame repair, and bumper repair are some of the other services offered by the experts at the auto body shops. All my vans are equipped for handling repairs on site no matter your distance and the prices that I offer on a plastic bumper repair are very reasonable and come without any hidden charges. Our high-tech plastic bumper repair is a quick and easy process, especially when compared to more traditional bumper repair techniques you contact us here: (951) 245-8115.

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