Car Safety Crash Improvements – Worth the Cost

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Bigger is Better and Safety Costs Too Much! RIGHT?

If You Ever Longed For The Days When A Car Was Really A Car, Don’t Miss this Video!

Be sure to watch toward the end to see the overhead view – and the assessment of driver injury at the end of this VIDEO. Fasten your seat belts.

How many times have you heard or maybe even thought yourself: “I wish they still made cars the way they did in the old days.”

You know; When you had some REAL metal around you and a LOT of it? Until recently, every time I heard about new legislation being passed to improve vehicle safety standards and require even more safety devices, I would cringe and think: “Well there is another needless thousand dollars added to my next car to make it supposedly safer when these modern cars are already burdened with every safety device imaginable”.

I mean let’s get serious here; mandatory anti-lock braking systems, air bags that can almost totally envelope a person from every direction, all season high performance tires, 3 point restraint systems (High tech seat belts), rear view cameras, blind spot detection sensors, collision warning devices, and the list goes on and on and on . . . . But even with all that necessary(?) government mandated safety equipment, I seem to remember feeling much safer in my big ole “59 Chevy.

I figured in a head on crash, my big ole Chevy would demolish one of these new cars.

Give me a REAL car that has REAL Bumpers on it, a frame made of REAL STEAL, enough metal around me to handle incoming anti-armored vehicle rounds and a cast iron V-8 between me and and the front of the car with hood over it that looks as long as the flat top on an air craft carrier. Now THAT is a REAL Car! No plastic bumpers, aluminum “Uni-body Construction or enough gadgets and warning lights on the dash, console and sun visor to make you feel like you needed to go through Top Gun Fighter Jet training just to drive your car.

Well, now that someone in the insurance industry put that BIGGER IS SAFER Myth to the test and proved me dead (so to speak) wrong, I still wondered about the costs.

This Video Dispels that BIGGER IS SAFER Myth But what about the COST Issue?

Looking into the cost issue online, it didn’t take long at all to realize I was just as far off base on that side of the car safety equation as well.

I found out that there are nominally strict cost-benefit ratio requirements for every safety device or system NHTSA mandates for installation on vehicles. That is, the device or system must save more money than it costs, or must cost no more than a specified amount of money per life saved, or it may not legally be mandated.

Combine that with less litigation losses for the insurance companies because there are less percentage of traffic deaths for the same number of drivers every year since the NHTSA was officially established in 1970 by the Highway Safety Act of 1970 and . . . well . . . that takes the “Costs too much” question away. Anything that takes money out of ambulance chasing attorney’s pockets (Am I aging myself with that statement?), and helps to lower insurances costs is fine in my book.

So I no longer cringe when I hear announcements about more car safety equipment mandates. Instead I think, “Hey, at least there is one place our taxes are actually paying off”.

Drive safely and know your NHTSA is watching out for you.

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