How Much Does Car Painting Cost?

Car Painting Is A Fine Art!

How Much Does Car Painting CostThe world of car painting is exciting, engaging, and holds up the process of creative thinking and application. The first thing that determines the cost of car painting is whether it is done by profession or a DIY specialist. One of the most important aspects of car painting is the preparation process.

Unlike other car works, car painting is not considered a mechanical job but rather considered as a work of fine art. The main reasons of the car painting are the car visual appearance improvement and the corrosive prevention of the car structures. The pros of wrapping in comparison to car painting are overwhelming.Car painting is not just a task to be done on the car by anyone; car painting is an art that requires proper care in handling.

What is the Average Cost to Paint a Car

The average cost to paint a car has a number of “it depends” factors attached to it.

Special Offers

If you get your car repainted during special offers, then the average cost goes down by 20-30%. For example, MAACO offers a “weekend special” price during many weekends. Just like MAACO, during the President’s Day Weekend, the Nationwide Auto Painting Chain offers, at least offered through a specific date, a $299.95 special to repaint your old, dull-looking car into a new vibrant-looking vehicle.

Body Work

If your entire vehicle needs only a simple tire removal, masking and spray paint, you will find that the job will cost between $400- $500, plus tax, if your state charges a service tax.

The cost to repaint a car depends on other factors, such as repair work. If your car is in a condition where the mechanic needs to work on the body to bring it back to good condition, it could raise the cost of the repainting significantly. For example, if your car requires stripping the old layer, removing dents and then repainting the car, then the cost of repainting will be between $1,500-$4,500. Read more here.

Most of the car owners around the world believe that car paint is just another systematic process that can easily be performed by any mechanic.

How to Prep a Car before Painting: Cutting, Sanding, Priming and Picking the Right Paint

Ask any automotive professional about painting a car, and they’ll tell you the same thing: it’s all in the preparation. Whether you’re repairing a chip or re-spraying the whole car, prepping the paintwork is just as important as applying the paint, and will massively impact upon the end results.

To help you prep like a pro, here are some tips on sanding, priming and picking the right paint for your car’s paint job.


Cutting is a term used to describe the use of an abrasive compound to remove thin layers of paint. Cutting can be carried out as a prep step before you apply paint or afterwards to blend the new paint into the old. There are different types of compound, each with a different cutting power. Be sure to choose the right one for the job – ask your local automotive store for help in choosing the right one for you.


Sanding is one of the most important parts of paint preparation, and investing time to do it right will deliver professional results. Depending on the job, sanding can be done with either sand paper or an electric orbital sander, and you’ll need to use different grades of paper depending on the task. See more here.

However rather than this misconception, the car painting is a process containing multiple steps that lead to the final car painting process.

How to Paint a Car with Acrylic Car Paint

If you want your vehicle to have a fresh new look you might need to know how to paint a car using various techniques. One of the choices of repainting a car is to use acrylic paint, which is known to give a very bright, shiny appearance to your vehicle. You will need to do this project inside, but making sure the area is extremely well ventilated. There should be no flammable items in the vicinity before you begin and it is also advised that you do this project when your fuel tank is in need of filling.

Step 1 – Getting Ready

First and foremost, make sure you have overalls on and safety glasses. If you are working in a garage lay down dust sheets or newspaper to cover the floor and mask off the entire parts of the car that you are not covering with paint. Mask the windows and the mirrors.

Step 2 – Sanding

If you are using an orbital sander use a fine grade sandpaper with it so that you do not damage the metallic surface underneath. Buff the area to be painted and then wash the car down with soapy water and let it dry. Check full article here.

Car Painting Must Be Done By The Expert!

Car painting can be tricky at times, there are paint body mistakes to avoid. Car Painting can be done to a small spot or dent all the way up to changing a whole car color. Car painting can be expensive, but if you don’t want to spend very much, you may have to deal with the job that you get.

Car painting is usually done by a professional auto body shop; the task requires all kinds of special equipment and safety precautions. Car painting can be a time-consuming task, but our full training car spray technicians will take top care of your car for you. Our dedicated team of experts in aspects of car paint are able to attend to all of your auto needs, call us here: (951) 245-8115.

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