Basic Car Maintenance: What to Do During a Car Tune-Up

How Does A Car Tune-Up Work?

Basic Car Maintenance: What to Do During a Car Tune-UpA car tune-up is a type of preventive maintenance performed on a vehicle to ensure it continues to perform well. A car tune-up is a necessity for good vehicle maintenance program. A car tune-up is one of the most basic and most necessary maintenance services that you can provide for your automobile.

A professional car tune-up is a must for individuals who do a lot of stops and go, driving for long periods of time. A car tune-up is done to replace and maintain parts that wear out through usage. A car tune-up is usually associated with the replacement and adjustment of different parts and components in your vehicle. A car tune-up is a series of maintenance adjustments to a vehicle that can include a series of precise tests as well as replacing the spark plugs.

What’s a Tune-Up Today?

Some things never change, such as the need for periodic preventive maintenance. But a tune-up is one job that’s changed a great deal over the course of automotive history. The outdated term is still widely used by many people to describe a service procedure that’s supposed to make an engine run better. There’s no absolute definition of what exactly a tune-up should include, but most would agree that it involves replacing the spark plugs and performing other adjustments to maintain or restore like-new engine performance.

The problem is there’s not much that can adjusted under the hood on many late model vehicles. Ignition timing is fixed and controlled by the engine computer, as is idle speed and the fuel mixture. You can still check base timing (maybe), idle speed and various emission functions to make sure everything is functioning within factory specs and are functioning properly. But there really isn’t much of anything left to “tune.” Yet many motorists still want tune-ups and believe tune-ups are an important and necessary service.

Most likely, when you talk about a tune-up its probably because you’re experiencing some kind of driveability problem. Your vehicle might be getting hard to start, not getting the fuel mileage it once did, hesitating or stalling, knocking or not running with the same zip and power as before. Or, your vehicle may have failed an emissions test. So what you probably need is an engine performance analysis — and maybe a new set of spark plugs, too. Read more here.

A car tune-up is a highly recommended regular maintenance task that ought to be performed approximately every 30,000 miles or two years, whichever comes first.

Car Tune Up Checklist

The concept of a car “tune-up” has changed considerably over the years. With the advent of contemporary electronics systems, many of the items that formerly needed attention in the maintenance procedure known as a tune-up no longer even exist in cars.

Car Tune Up Check List: Parts And Tools

Keep in mind; this car tune up checklist is not a procedural for accomplishing a tune-up. We highly recommend you buy the service manual for your car and follow the list of procedures outlined therein. The service manual and the owner’s manual that came with your car are two very different items. Service manuals are usually sold at the dealer’s service department — or online for older cars.

With that said, in most instances you will need:

• Fuel Filter

• Spark Plugs

• Ratchet-type socket wrench

• Appropriately sized spark plug socket. See more here.

But, just as the hardest part of a car tune-up can be finding time to schedule it, the biggest obstacle to marital rejuvenation can be clearing the calendar for that special together time.

Road Tips : Benefits to Regular Car Tune ups

Getting your car repaired by a highly trained auto mechanic can set you back quite a few dollars. Even seemingly insignificant repairs can cost quite a bit these days. This is why you need to do everything in your power to prevent your car from breaking down and necessitating a trip to the mechanic. Fortunately, there are some very simple things you can do to prevent you and your mechanic from getting to know each other on a first name basis. It all comes down to regularly servicing your car. Get into a habit of doing this and your repairs will be minimal. Servicing your car is important. Here are a few of the reasons why.

You will have a safer car

Most people think about car maintenance strictly in terms of the engine. This is a mistake that could be potentially fatal. Safety issues exist with your vehicle that need to be closely monitored in order to ensure that you and your passengers are safe. For example, a common mistake is allowing the brake pads to wear down to a dangerously low level.

You will save cash

Less car repairs means you will have more money in your pocket. Any small thing you can do to keep your car out of the shop will be beneficial to your bank account. There is no reason for you to not be proactive where your car maintenance is concerned. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by having your car serviced regularly. Check full article here.

A Car Tune-Up Is A Must!

A car tune-up is a necessity for a good vehicle maintenance program. A car tune-up is a preventative maintenance that keeps your car in good condition for excellent drivability and performance. The cost of a car tune-up will usually depend on the type of engine.

The word car tune-up is a combination of single operation rather than one specific repair procedure. A car tune-up is pretty standard and can be done by any good, licensed mechanic. Setting up an appointment for your next vehicle oil change or car tune-up is easy, contact us (951) 245-8115 now!

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