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Car Window Tint Service in Lake Elsinore

Car window tint serviceCar window tint service is designed to adhere directly to the glass. Window tint is not permanent, the film can be removed from your windows but that is a very careful process that should be carried out at car window tint service facility. Whether you want your ride to look elegant, or head turning hot, car window tint service can help make that happen. Choosing a car tint can be confusing without the help of an expert.

When properly applied, car tint can reduce the heat and UV ray exposure in your car by more than 99 percent, in addition to keeping your interior from fading due to exposure and the outer part of your car also will be affected from the sun rays which will be falling directly on it.

A car tint can help minimize the risk of skin cancer as well. When you see cars that have tinted windows, you might be impressed by how attractive car tint can really be.

Sure, window tinting makes your vehicle look dark and mysterious, but many don’t realize there are many functional benefits of vehicle window tinting besides the cool tinted limousine look we all know.

Car window tint service

Vehicles do look pretty stylin’ with tinted windows, but we think there are a few other good reasons you should consider window tinting for your vehicle. Check out the list below for our top 5 benefits of car window tinting.

Reduce Heat to Stay Cool

Window tinting our vehicles is great because it blocks thermal rays that overheat your car interior. We’ve all had the feeling of being slow-cooked in our own drivers seat. Thermal rejection film blocks those pesky thermal rays so you can drive comfortably without blasting the AC and wasting gas and energy. See more benefits here.

Car tint is performed for many reasons that include protecting against health concerns, preservation of the car investment as well as for safety and privacy reasons. One of the main considerations you will need to take into account when choosing car tint is the amount of light it can let through.

Which Type of Window Tint Should I Get?

So you made the decision to get your vehicle’s windows tinted, but you have never had the job done before. You’ve heard people talk about it and you’ve read a little about it, but you’re still not exactly sure what you’re getting into. Deciding between the different window tint percentages, which type of window tint to get, or even which windows to have tinted can get a little confusing. This article is designed to make sure you’re well informed about window tint so that you get exactly what you want!

Know the Tints There are three different types of window tints. Read more to find out which is best for you!

Premium Dyed Series – Our tried and true PD Series has been with us since the start.  Perfect if you want a stylish window tint that’s going to last. Available in 59%, 43%, 38%, 23%, 18%, and 5%

High-Performance Metalized Series – The HPM Series further helps reduce the temperature in your car and offers that stylish look with a sense of privacy. Available in 55%, 45%, 38%, 33%, 26%, 15%, and 5% tints.

Signal-Enabling Series – Our Ceramic or CT Series is the crème de le crème. This series offers everything. They’re stylish, reduce the heat, maintain your privacy and won’t interfere with your vehicle’s electronics. Available in 58%, 31%, 17% and 5% tints.  Read more here.

Choosing shades of car tint is an important decision because the decision you make is not reversible. If you decide to make your car tinted, there is information about window tinting on rules and regulations you should know, which includes exemptions to the law.

A Push to Restrict Tinted Windows in Cars

The state law would not apply to most S.U.V.’s, which fall under a federal rule that permits back windows from being tinted.

A related city bill would ban the sale of do-it-yourself window tint film in the city; require auto shops that tint windows to record and maintain license plate and driver license information and the percentage of tint on each window; and require with illegally tinted windows that are impounded by the police to pay a deposit that will be returned once the window is brought into compliance.

Technicians use tint meters to measure the amount of light that passes through the glass. Owners of the 10.5 million vehicles registered in the state would pay a $1 surcharge to businesses to offset the cost of labor, training and equipment. A current auto inspection costs $10 for the safety evaluation and $27 for the emissions evaluation. Read the full article here.

Car Tint is your protection

Tinting your car windows is a great way to protect both you and your car, but only if you do it right the first time and in that way, it’s a great way to protect your investment for resale later down the road. Window film is also designed to keep glass from shattering if an object hits it. In the event of a car accident, passengers will be more protected from flying glass shards, giving you peace of mind when driving.

If your current vehicle isn’t tinted and you’d like to upgrade your car to experience all the benefits, we can take care of all your installation needs. Our team of highly qualified and certified installers can tint your windows to your exact specification in a few hours. Give us a call now (951) 245-8115.

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  2. I think it does not make any sense to tint the car windows without knowing the type of tinting he is doing. Because there are different types of car window tints-1)ceramic film type, 2)metalized film type, and 3)hybrid film type. Every type has its unique way of customization and own significance. Though the purpose behind the window tinting is same, by choosing the right one, a vehicle owner can make he will get the maximum out of tinting his car windows. Yes, everything depends on personal priorities. But whenever you want to tint your car windows, you need to pick the right professional for the entire task, otherwise, the tinting task can cost you dear. Thus, you must do some initial screening, ask friends and relatives for recommendations, search around, go through the reviews in the listed sites, to make sure you are opting a skilled professional for the task of tinting.

  3. Great article! Love the fact that window tint not only protects your ride which is a huge investment. But it also protects you from all those harmful UV rays.

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