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Does Bumper Repair Have To Be So Expensive?

A Bumper Repair In Lake Elsinore

Does Bumper Repair Have to Be So Expensive? Auto bumper repair is one of the most common forms of bodywork performed on automobiles. A common concern with auto bumper repair is the fact that body shops may overcharge for parts or labor. Plastic bumper repair is an inseparable part of every car repair, which got into the minor or major accident. Plastic Bumper Repair can repair scuffed, scratched, dented, detached and torn bumpers for much less than replacement cost.

Bumper Repair is a two-component, epoxy-based filler for repairing small damage to bumpers and rigid or semi-rigid plastics. Bumper repair is designed to fix damages ranging from scratches and cracks to dents and holes. Plastic bumper repair is the process of repairing scuffs, scrapes, dents, holes, and rips in plastic bumper covers without removing the bumper from the vehicle.  Bumper repair can be tackled in a number of ways, but it largely depends on the type of bumper your vehicle has.  READ MORE…


Things To Look For In A Collision Repair Shop

How Collision Repair Shop Works In Lake Elsinore!

Things to Look For In A Collision Repair Shop Collision repair shop is designed to serve families, military, and dealerships. Our auto body and collision repair shop are designed to get your car to pre-accident condition and safety. All of our mechanics at the Collision Repair Shop are highly experienced and are ready to diagnose your vehicle; whether its mechanical issues or body damage, we are ready.

The Collision Repair Shop is here to provide great quality work and service for all of the residents in Lake Elsinore . The auto body repair made at The Collision Repair Shop is done by expert auto mechanics who have dedicated their lives to the auto collision industry. When you’ve been in an accident, find peace of mind knowing the professionals from our full-service collision repair shop are ready to help you. READ MORE…


What To Do When Your Car Frame Is Damage?

Car Frames Can Be Straightened to Factory Specs

What To Do When Your Car Frame Is Damage?Car frame is a major component of a vehicle, and it would be best to have its alignment checked and compared to factory specification to see if there is any damage before considering buying the vehicle under a rebuilt title. As the frame or uni-body construction is also known as the main structure of any automobile, factory specifications are important. One of the most common problems that happen to a car frame is that a portion will be bent out of alignment.

These standard car frames are made from high-quality raw materials which ensure durability at the user end.  The uni-body (skeleton) or a conventional car frame are very much alike, both of them are meant to be the foundation of the vehicle.


Collision Pros Frame Machine

Auto Frame Repair

Frame Repair in Lake Elsinore

Frame RepairThe key to accurate frame repair is the proper diagnosis. If your vehicle has been damaged – by your fault or another – and a car frame repair is required, think hard about a settlement offer by your insurance company – or the other – for anything but the fair market value of the car.

Frame repair is fairly self-explanatory, as it is the process of restoring your frame to its factory specifications. Perhaps the most time-consuming part of doing a frame repair is making the repair so the vehicle performs as good as it looks. That is where Collision Pros excels. Consider the following.  READ MORE…


Window Tint Percentage California Legal

(A poignant story from one of our Car Body Repair Clients.)

What Kinds of Safety Issues are Associated
with Tinting Your Car Windows in California?

California Car Window Tint Law – Let’s look at things from different perspectives, angles or attitudes if you will and consider the bigger picture regarding how with car window tinting, there is a reason less can mean more. READ MORE…

Body Shop In Lake Elsinore

What Makes Collision Pros The Best Body Shop In Lake Elsinore

Collision Pros Auto Body and Paint – Best in Lake Elsinore – REALLY? Why?

Collision Pros POV: An auto accident can be a big disruption in your daily routine. As an independently owned and operated facility collision repair facility, we understand this, which is why we offer the convenience of one-stop shopping for vehicle repair, whether it’s a door ding, fender bender, or major collision.

In addition to repairing all types of auto body damage, our Auto Insurance Claims Experts communicate with READ MORE…


A Guide To The Essentials Of Your First 4×4 Adventure

Driving An Off-Road Adventure Is The Most Fun Thing You’ll Ever Do

A Guide to the Essentials of Your First Off-Road AdventureRemember, the key to every off-road adventure is safety first. One of the keys to a successful off-road trip is preparation. An off-road trip will be much different from the average trip where we travel from a location to another location.

Planning off-road trip adventure is not limited to choosing a destination and defining the route. Another piece of equipment that is crucial to have when going on an off-road trip is a navigation tool. The best time to do this off-road trip is spring through early fall. READ MORE…


Fix My Fender Bender in Lake Elsinore

Fender Repair at Collision ProsEverybody has a first fender bender. It represents a young driver’s loss of driving innocence or an abrupt—bump!—collision with the real world. Bent Hood Repair Lake ElsinoreOne minute you’re soaring along, on top of the world, and the next a red-faced citizen is wagging a finger in your face and fluids are leaking out of the wounded animal (Vehicle), and that is mom and dad’s car. The damage inflicted READ MORE…