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Does Bumper Repair Have To Be So Expensive?

A Bumper Repair In Lake Elsinore

Does Bumper Repair Have to Be So Expensive? Auto bumper repair is one of the most common forms of bodywork performed on automobiles. A common concern with auto bumper repair is the fact that body shops may overcharge for parts or labor. Plastic bumper repair is an inseparable part of every car repair, which got into the minor or major accident. Plastic Bumper Repair can repair scuffed, scratched, dented, detached and torn bumpers for much less than replacement cost.

Bumper Repair is a two-component, epoxy-based filler for repairing small damage to bumpers and rigid or semi-rigid plastics. Bumper repair is designed to fix damages ranging from scratches and cracks to dents and holes. Plastic bumper repair is the process of repairing scuffs, scrapes, dents, holes, and rips in plastic bumper covers without removing the bumper from the vehicle.  Bumper repair can be tackled in a number of ways, but it largely depends on the type of bumper your vehicle has.  READ MORE…


What To Do When Your Car Frame Is Damage?

Car Frames Can Be Straightened to Factory Specs

What To Do When Your Car Frame Is Damage?Car frame is a major component of a vehicle, and it would be best to have its alignment checked and compared to factory specification to see if there is any damage before considering buying the vehicle under a rebuilt title. As the frame or uni-body construction is also known as the main structure of any automobile, factory specifications are important. One of the most common problems that happen to a car frame is that a portion will be bent out of alignment.

These standard car frames are made from high-quality raw materials which ensure durability at the user end.  The uni-body (skeleton) or a conventional car frame are very much alike, both of them are meant to be the foundation of the vehicle.


Collision Pros Frame Machine

Auto Frame Repair

Frame Repair in Lake Elsinore

Frame RepairThe key to accurate frame repair is the proper diagnosis. If your vehicle has been damaged – by your fault or another – and a car frame repair is required, think hard about a settlement offer by your insurance company – or the other – for anything but the fair market value of the car.

Frame repair is fairly self-explanatory, as it is the process of restoring your frame to its factory specifications. Perhaps the most time-consuming part of doing a frame repair is making the repair so the vehicle performs as good as it looks. That is where Collision Pros excels. Consider the following.  READ MORE…


What You Need to Know About Vehicle Frame Repair

It Is Important To Seek A Professional Vehicle Frame Repair Shop

What You Need to Know About Vehicle Frame RepairVehicle frame repair is basically the process of repairing the vehicle frame to its factory condition. Frame repair is critical to making sure your car or truck run correctly and smoothly. Car frame repair is a complex process and must be handled correctly to keep the structural integrity of your vehicle intact.

In many cases, vehicle frame repair is required if you have been in a collision. Auto body frame repair is best carried out immediately to prevent the problem from getting all the more serious. Many times car frame repair is necessary if you are involved in an accident or collision.



Frame Repair Can Save Your Vehicle

A Frame Repair Should Leave Your Vehicle Adjusted to Exact Factory Specifications!

Frame Repair Can Save Your VehicleAuto body frame repair is best carried out immediately to prevent the problem from getting all the more serious. The most important aspect of frame repair is ensuring that the frame is perfectly straight according to factory specifications. Frame repair is critical to making sure your car or truck runs straight, correctly and doesn’t pull in one direction or the other.

Frame repair is the process of restoring the vehicle frame to its factory dimensions and strength. Frame repair is basically the process of repairing the vehicle frame to its factory condition. Frame Repair can accommodate your needs no matter how big or small the job is within reason. Computerized laser Measuring system should be used in the process to insure the frame is as straight as when it left the factory.


Can A Bent Car Frame Be Fixed After An Accident?

A Bent Car Frame In Lake Elsinore!

Can A Bent Car Frame Be Fixed After An AccidentBent car frame is a very common occurrence in an accident. The best way to determine if a vehicle you leased or purchased has bent car frame is to take it to a trusted mechanic. Bent car frame is more serious than minor, cosmetic damage because it involves the actual structure of the vehicle.

Bent car frame is perhaps the worst case scenario in a used car purchase. Bent car frame is a very misleading term because the majority of vehicles on the road today do not have frames. Bent car frame is important because it severely affects your ability to sell or trade-in your car. READ MORE…


Wheel Alignment Can Reveal Whether Frame Is Bent

A Wheel Alignment Is A Maintenance Issue That Should Be Checked Periodically In Lake Elsinore

Wheel alignment can reveal whether frame is bent

The purpose of wheel alignment is to adjust front-wheel handling while driving. Once a wheel alignment is performed, then the vehicle will be test driven to make sure that it drives straight. The best way to explain how this angle affects wheel alignment is to look down at the tops of your feet.

If wheel alignment is off, tire life is shortened while car and mileage performance also decrease. There are however even more important reasons why alignment for a wheel is important for safe driving and road safety. Wheel alignment is the process whereby the wheels are aligned to point in line with the direction of rotation.


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The Importance of Auto Frame Straightening

How Does Auto Frame Straightening Work In Lake Elsinore?

The Importance of Auto Frame StraighteningAuto frame straightening is a key to restoring not only the way the vehicle drives but also the way it protects you. Collision repair and auto frame straightening are not things you can afford to neglect, as even low-speed collisions can result in serious damage. A good auto body shop will give at least as much attention to restoring the frame as it will to restoring your vehicle’s outward

An auto frame straightening is typically needed after an accident so that the body of your vehicle goes back to being intact and reliable. If you experience a collision and need auto frame straightening, it involves much more than just repairing and repainting dents and dings on your car’s body. In auto frame straightening, a body shop technician puts the car on the frame machine, secures it with chains and clamps, and raises it up for greater visibility to assess the damage. READ MORE…


Auto Body Shops – What They Can Do For You?

An Auto Body Shops In Lake Elsinore!

Auto Body Shops - What They Can Do For You?An auto body shops are dedicated to quality automotive collision repair. Although finding auto body shops is not going to be difficult considering there are many of them in business, choosing a shop with effective, honest employees and proved reliable services can be somewhat of a challenge. One stop auto body shops is a full-service automotive collision repair company.

The reason insurance companies have direct relationships with specific auto body shops is so that the insurance company can negotiate a lower price on collision repairs with their network shops. In many states, auto body shops are required by law to notify their customers if they use anything but OEM parts. The highest certification available to auto body shops is I-CAR Gold Class, which means a minimum of four technicians in the shop has achieved Platinum status. READ MORE…


Tips in Choosing a Body Shop That Can Handle Auto Frame Straightening

 An Auto Frame Straightening In Lake Elsinore!

Tips in Choosing a Body Shop That Can Handle Auto Frame Straightening Auto frame straightening is a big job and will work on almost any make or model vehicle. While some damage to your car or truck only occurs to the body of the vehicle, like hail damage for example, sometimes the damage is more extensive. If the inner frame of the car is in need of repair, then auto frame straightening is necessary to get your car or truck back in working order.

This kind of damage happens in almost half of all accidents, so frame machines are an important piece of equipment in body shops. Auto frame straightening is used to restore the frame to its original shape using hydraulics and torque that humans simply can’t do. These machines allow us to pull or push the frame to straighten it back to its original shape, depending on the amount of damage and the type of frame. READ MORE…