Choosing The Right Tire Is An Important Decision

Choosing The Right Tyre For Your CarChoosing the right tire is not as easy as it may first appear. The right tire is not by any means the most expensive, it’s a balance of all these factors including price. Changing them in the tractor is a significant cost, so choosing the right tire is important.

Best performance ensure the right tire is fitted to your car. Selecting the right tire is extremely important with regard to safety, comfort, and cost-efficiency. Choosing the right tire can increase the entire performance of your vehicle, including fuel consumption and safety. Getting the right tire is crucial and you can rely on our experience and expertise to help you make the right choice at the right price all backed up by our famous attention to detail and levels of service.

Tires: The Most Important Part of Your Vehicle

Never Overlook the Importance of Your Tires 

The last thing most people consider in the new car buying process is the set of tires that come with the vehicle. We tend to gravitate towards the style and performance, the color, whether it fits our lifestyle or not, the ergonomic comfort of its interior, the sound system, and if it’ll fit into our budget.

We unconsciously assume if the car is new that the tires are fine and don’t give them a second thought nor do most of us ever take the time to ask questions or read the manual about tire care and safety. Yet our lives, and those of our children and other loved ones, ride on them every day.

What good are all the wonderful accouterments you’ve purchased if they end up condensed into an accordion at the bottom of a ditch because a tire blew out? And worse, your kids are strewn about covered in blood from being ejected from the vehicle’s violent roll six times before it came to a stop by a tree?

How important are all those extra goodies that you added on if you get a flat on the side of the freeway at midnight and you’re by yourself? If you’re lucky someone will stop to help. If you’re unlucky it will be someone who will rob, rape or murder you. Is this an exaggeration? No. Women alone along the roadside at night make the perfect targets for any of the above. Basically, you’re a sitting duck. Check more here.

The difference in tires is all down to the type of rubber used to construct the tire, and choosing the right tire is down to what tire is right for you.

How to choose the right tires for your car

They all look the same, they all fit our cars, but some are considerably cheaper than others. How do we choose the right option?

Buy the correct tyres

The most important thing when buying new tyres for your car is to buy ones that are suitable for your car. Carmakers go to great lengths during the new model development phase to select the best tyres to fit to their cars. Working with the big brand name tyre companies carmakers seek tyres with the optimum blend of road noise, ride comfort, handling, braking, efficiency and wear rate. When it comes to replacing the tyres, the original tyres specified are generally best.

What are the correct tires for my car?

To find out about the tyres the carmaker recommends fitting to your car refer to the owner’s manual. There you will find the recommended tyre defined by its size, speed rating and load rating. They are the things you need to know when shopping for new tyres.

Generally the carmaker won’t nominate a particular brand of tyre, that’s left to you to decide, but you could use the brand that was fitted when the car was new as a guide. Read more here.

Having a reliable team of knowledgeable professionals to help guide you to the right tire is extremely helpful in this kind of situation, and can mean the difference between buying the right tire or the wrong one.

5 Critical Car Tire Maintenance Tips

Keeping your tyres in good condition is an essential aspect of car maintenance, and it is both illegal and dangerous to drive with non-roadworthy tyres. There are a number of things you need to consider with respect to tyre maintenance. This article takes a look at five critical car tyre maintenance tips so you can drive confidently and safely.

1. tire rotation

Tyres are often moved from one position on the car to another to ensure even wear and tear. Front tyres carry more of the car’s weight and tend to wear out at about twice the rate of rear tyres, so rotating the tyres can extend their life. Car manufacturers differ in their recommendations, but most manufacturers advise tyres should be rotated every 8,000 to 10,000 kms.

There are four common types of tyre rotation:

  • Cross rotation, Straight rotation, 5 tyre rotation, 4 Wheel drive

2. tire pressure

Tyre pressure is of critical importance for two basic reasons. Having properly inflated tyres protects against tyre damage and reduces the possibility that the car will spin out of control. Driving with low pressure tyres also increases fuel consumption. You should check your tyre pressure at least every month, more often if you drive many kilometres and always before setting out on any long journey. See full article here.

Choosing The Right Tire Can Save You Hundreds Of Dollars

Fortunately, modern tires are better than ever and set up tubeless, the right tire can virtually put an end to punctures, and offer impressive rolling speed, alongside cornering grip and traction in spades. And with so many tires to choose from, buying the right tire can appear complicated and confusing. Tires are a very critical part of your motor vehicle; there are many different makes and types of tires available, so many in fact choosing the right tire can be very confusing.

As tire experts, we ensure the right tire is selected for your specific operation. We also appreciate that choosing the right tire can be confusing, from choosing the right size to selecting a tire and brand that will be fit for purpose from the extensive range available. Selecting the right tire can enhance the overall performance of your vehicle, including fuel utilization and security.