How Do You Repair a Damaged Alloy Wheel?

How To Repair Damaged Alloy Wheel?

How Do You Repair a Damaged Alloy WheelEvery damaged alloy wheel is different so it’s impossible to give an exact repair time.  A light alloy wheel is a key factor in defining the appearance of a vehicle. A damaged alloy wheel can detract from the looks of your vehicle.

The damaged alloy wheel is carefully removed from the car and thoroughly cleaned. A damaged alloy wheel can affect the appearance of the vehicle. Even the most scuffed, damaged alloy wheel can be refurbished to look as good as new in a matter of hours. Furthermore, a damaged alloy wheel can result in vehicle vibration that will ultimately cause serious problems with your steering and suspension systems.

Repairing Alloy Wheels: Tips and Techniques

Alloy wheels are a great way to improve the look and performance of your vehicle. However, it can be disappointing if they are damaged due to oxidation, scuffs or get bent. Fortunately, most damage to alloy wheels can be easily repaired.

How to Remove Oxidation

Alloy wheels are made with aluminum and, although the material typically may not rust, alloy wheels do collect dirt, debris and brake dust which causes oxidation. Oxidation is a discoloration that occurs when certain chemicals interact with oxygen molecules. There is very little you can do to prevent oxidation from occurring on your wheels, however, with a little elbow grease, you can have shiny and new looking alloy wheels.

To remove the oxidation you will need to make an acid-based cleaner to counteract the oxygen. If possible, take the rims off of the car and remove the valve stems or use masking tape to cover the area surrounding the wheel. The clear coating, used to prevent corrosion, will have to be removed. Paint remover can be used to remove the coating, but rinse well before proceeding with the next step. See more here.

A damaged alloy wheel will need repairing, as will a severely scratched wheel, most companies will not penalize for the odd light scratch to an alloy wheel.


Well, no need to fear. I’ve done this enough times to have an easy way to do home repairs with a few simple items. Note that this procedure only covers light scuffs. This isn’t meant to be used to repair a damaged wheel or one where the scuffs cause significant damage to the rim. This is only for those annoying superficial scuffs, which seem to happened to me more times than I care to admit.There are plenty of good services which can do this for very reasonable money. Many of you will happily use a service, but I’m inpatient and have the free time (generally) to spend a couple of hours on a repair. Plus, it really takes the edge off “donking” my wheels when I know I can simply fix it myself.

Step 1. Clean… Clean… Clean…and did I mention CLEAN!

This is one of the most important steps. Use paint thinner to THOROUGHLY clean the ENTIRE area around the damage…you need to get ANY wax or polish or anything off the wheel…I’m going to remind you EVERY step…I probably end up wiping down these surfaces 10 or more times before painting…if you don’t do this, the rest is pointless. Also, we want to work ONLY on the area that’s damaged…don’t go nuts and try to paint half your wheel on the car…for this technique to succeed we want to sand and paint the area only IMMEDIATELY around the damage. Check more here.

A damaged alloy wheel will spoil the appearance of your vehicle, affect its value, and left unchecked might lead to further problems, including issues with tires, wheel bearings, drive shaft, suspension, and steering.

Benefits of Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Alloy wheels are most vulnerable part of the vehicle. It is prone to chips, scrapes and dents due to holes, stones and rough roads. If you find any issue then you need to do a alloy wheel refurbishment service.

Here are some of the benefits of wheel refurbishment service.

Reduce expense

It’s good to choose repairs for your own wheels other that replacing it. This will help you to reduce the expenses. To buy a new one is really expensive so this service will make you reduce your expenses. Some pros in alloy wheel repairs offer good services at lower costs.


Alloy wheels come in different style and color. This will improve your car’s appearance. Due to rough terrains unstable climate conditions as well as its age alloy wheels can get old. So it’s very important to have a wheel refurbishment service. Read full article here.

Damaged Alloy Wheel Is Bad For Your Car

Alloy wheels are a common answer to the expense of chrome wheels. While alloy wheels are prone to scratches and dents, the lighter material proves to be less expensive than other options. The great thing about alloy wheels is that they are easy to repair if damaged. Damaged alloy wheel can be really irritating especially if the damage was caused by a parking issue.

Common causes of damage include road hazards, curbs, and potholes. Novices can fix the damage to alloy wheels with no specialized tools and just a few supplies from the local auto shop or parts store. Whether one is fixing up a car to sell or just trying to improve its looks, alloy wheel repair is a good place to start, reach us here: (951) 245-8115.

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