At “Collision Pros” We Work For Our Customers
We Do NOT Work FOR ANY Insurance Company
We work WITH Insurance Companies to Provide You With
Quality Service  at Affordable Prices

Collision/Accident Insurance Companies and Claims

Your Insurance Company or the “At fault” driver’s Insurance Company normally pays the majority of the final bill for auto body repairs, except of course for your deductible payment if you are the at fault driver.

HOWEVER; That does NOT mean we (Collision Pros) work for the Insurance Company! insurance claims adjusterWe always work for you, and in the best interest of our customer; you the vehicle owner.

Claims Assistance | Provided Free of Charge at Collision Pros

Collision Pros experience in working with insurance companies and local adjusters almost daily gives us the knowledge to assist you through the collision claim process. We can assist you by communicating as a liaison between you, our customer, and your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company.

Collision Pros claims assistants can handle it all from negotiating a repair estimate amount with your insurance company to assisting you in finding optional transportation such as an insurance-paid vehicle, rental car assistance, or shuttle service while your vehicle is being repaired. … OR … at times when it is available, we can provide you with a loaner vehicle owned by Collision Pros.

You Don’t Need the STRESS!

Having already been through the stress and trauma of being in an accident, the last thing we want is to make the Collision Repair Insurance Claims Process add to your stress. Our job is to make your collision repair insurance claims experience as free of hassle, stress and headache free as possible.

Our estimators are friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and trained to assist you by answering any and all questions involved with handling your collision repair insurance claim and working with your adjuster for your benefit.

Insurance Claims Repair Payments

Insurance companies handle payments for auto body repairs in a variety of ways. “Collision Pros” will usually bill the insurance company directly for their portion of the repair. Some insurance companies pay the repair facility directly by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT ).

Other insurance companies will mail the check to you, the vehicle owner or to the repair facility. Sometimes the check is made out to you, you and the repair facility or you, the repair facility and the lien holder.

If the insurance company mails the check for payment to you for their portion of the repairs, please do not cash it. Please bring the check with you when you pick up your vehicle. “Collision Pros” accepts these checks as payment, (When properly endorsed as required).

We can explain the details regarding the specific payment policies of the insurance claims company paying for your repairs.


Customers may make payments for their deductible using the following:

  • Discover
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Bank Debit Card
  • Cash
  • Cashiers Check
  • Money Order

Sorry but “Collision Pros” does NOT accept personal checks.

The deductible (Amount owed your Insurance Company does not pay for), is due when you pick up your vehicle. Vehicles are not released without payment in full. For your security if a credit card is used to pay for the deductible or customer pay portion of the bill, the person listed on the credit card must be present when the payment is made.

Once payment is made in full, you will take delivery and possession or your automobile and drive away in your pride and joy.

If you are without your Insurance card, here is a list of companies and insurance claims department phone numbers that might help.