Most people know that cracked windshields are not aesthetically appealing. The crack, especially when severe, can act also as an obstruction causing you to be unable to see clearly while driving. This is a major safety risk that requires auto glass repair. There are also several other hidden dangers of cracked windshields, including:

Decreased Structural Integrity in Head-on Collisions.

When your windshield is in good shape, it will help to transfer the force from the impact of a head-on collision to the vehicle’s chassis. This helps to reduce the force that you and your passengers feel inside the cabin of the car. When your windshield is cracked, it is at a higher risk of cracking when your car collides with another vehicle or object. This then increases the risk of injury of you and your passengers.

Increased Ejection Risk in Car Accidents.

Most people know that you have a higher chance of surviving a serious car accident if you remain inside the car rather than if you are ejected from the vehicle. Although the first line of defense from ejection is wearing a seat belt, the windshield is next.

When you are not wearing your seat belt, the windshield can protect you from being thrown from the vehicle. Unfortunately, when the windshield has a chip or cracks in it, it can shatter upon impact, which offers no protection at all for those who were not wearing seat belts. Click here for more