Need A Paint Job That Will Stand Desert Heat

New Paint Job lake elsinore

Get a Paint Job that Will Last in the Sun’s Desert Heat

Maybe you have a classic you have been holding onto for years you want to finally turn into what you always dreamed it could be; that beautiful classic perfect for warm evening drives.

OR . . . maybe it’s a newer car but it’s taken 5 years to pay it off; but now it’s done. With the economy the way it is you just don’t think it would be the wisest move to jump back into payments on a new car. You’ve kept up the mechanical maintenance on your little jewel but the paint finish …. mmmmmmmm not so much. Car runs great but it’s looking pretty sad. Maybe the desert heat has caused the clearcoat to break down like this Honda Prelude here and it’s just time for new paint. As good as this car runs you can get another 3 years out of it without making payments and with a new paint job you won’t mind being seen in it.

In Either Case You Will Want A Paint Job That Will Last In This Desert Sun

Now let’s say you live here in desert country and are looking for a body shop near you in Lake Elsinore CA where you

Clearcoat faded in desert sun

Desert Heat Clearcoat Breakdown – The Sun and Extreme Heat has Taken Its Toll

can get an excellent high quality new paint job with a lifetime warranty at affordable prices. There is good news on the horizon.

Finally the stars are all in alignment and the time is right for you to get that new new paint job. Great! If your next car paint job is a complete new paint job you might want to consider the tips below so it turns out the way you want it to; a beautiful paint job of lustrous and lasting beauty that will stand up against this desert heat instead of a sun bleached no shine paint effect.

Fare Warning: This article is for someone wanting to keep their current car for a long time. Not for someone just wanting some $299 Earl Schieb getcha by quickie to get more money when they sell it. That is another article entirely.

Proper Auto Body Preparation Pays Off Plenty

Since this paint job is something you want to last for years, it will pay you in the long run to take the time to plan carefully by reviewing what a body and paint shop should put into the painting preparation process.

Make sure the body shop uses a metal conditioner on all body parts that need to be sanded down to bare metal. The rewards of the conditioner are huge because it etches the metal to do away with microscopic rust and corrosion. Then, check to see if the shop will use a self-etching primer. Self-etching primers features unique chemistry allowing them to etch, prime and bond the primer in one simple and cost-effective step. Once again this will go a long way in helping to prevent future corrosion.

Are They using the Right Body Primers?

desert heat ruins paint jobsOn the actual painting side of the job you had better make certain your auto body shop will NOT use lacquer putties and fast-dry lacquer-based primers, to fill body scratches and blemishes. These types of products can be expected to contract shortly after the car paint job is completed and the body blemishes will show up again. Finer quality products ought to fill scratches, without contracting and with much better adhesion and durability. Examples of such high quality epoxy-based high-build primer are Morton’s Eliminator and DuPont’s URO Primer-Filler.

If welding work is performed before the car paint job the body shop should use special weld-through primers, which are applied before the pieces are actually welded. The benefits will again be better adhesion for longer lasting strength to your new paint finish.

Clearcoat is Critical

Obviously the finishing coat(s) quality makes the difference between an OK paint job and a beautiful paint job. The Modern paint technologies now obtainable in the market will, by all means, allow for a better finish. Traditional paints, such as lacquers and enamels, lack durability and adhesion. The new 2-part polyurethane paints have better resistance and can match the glassy smooth shine of the best hand-rubbed lacquers. Colors of polyurethane paints also have great depth and richness provided the finishing system includes a base color followed by a high-gloss clear coat.

Talk to your body shop about new technologies before making a decision on your car paint job. You need to know, not guess or hope your auto body paint shop’s technicians will be using the best so you get the best. Some specialty items can cost a little more because they require more detailed prepping for a really high quality paint job, but the little extra cost can mean years of a beautiful finish on your pride and joy.

Stop by and see Kevin Linehan the Manager at Collision Pros Auto Body and Paint Shop. With 25+ years of experience in the business he can help you better understand all the things that go into a really high quality paint job for your vehicle.

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