Should You Repair Wheels Yourself Or Take Help?

Repair Wheels Can Be A Cost-Effective Alternative Than Replacing

Should You Repair Wheels Yourself Or Take HelpIn many cases, however, repair wheels is a cost-effective and viable alternative to buying new wheels. Wheel repair is a convenient service that can be completed in an extremely timely fashion, with your satisfaction guaranteed. Wheel Repair is a great cross-sell add-on service to other auto appearance services such as auto detailing, paint touch up, paintless dent repair (PDR), etc.

Each wheel repair is different, but it may involve, straightening the wheel, welding, or restoring the finish. Wheel Repair is tricky business curb rash often deforms or even removes metal from the rim. Repair wheels are sometimes the only choice when replacement wheels are hard to find or have been discontinuedAluminium wheel repair is not a simple process – it depends on the type of wheel you have and the type of damage that has occurred.

The Importance of Expert Wheel Repair Services

The wheels of a car not only help it move forward and balance it but also are important for its overall look. That is why alloy and many other materials are being used in the manufacturing of wheels. There are many things that a person must consider before buying new wheels for their car including its alignment, weight, diameter, surface area, and the materials used.

Sadly, people spend thousands of dollars in car maintenance but only focusing on the body, the interior and engine. However, when it comes to wheel repairs, they rarely spend much money on them. In present times, the only upgrade that people do to their car’s wheels is installing alloy rims. This is because it radically increases the style quotient of the vehicle. But the mere installation of quality alloy wheels is not enough since they require occasional wheel repair from a specialist.

The most common problems in alloy wheels are not deformation or physical damage (since they are usually stronger than steel) but a plethora of cosmetic problems, including scratches, discoloration, and degradation of the wheel’s alloy material. The alloy itself can also corrode quickly upon negligence and be oxidized due to weathering. Thus alloy wheel repair must be taken seriously and must be done by specialists. Read more here.

Wheel Repair is a specialized process that repairs damage such as curb rash, nicks, scuffs, scratches, bead damage and minor rust on most painted, machined, clear coated or polished aluminum, magnesium or steel wheels.

5 Steps to Curb Rash Repair

Your scuffed aluminum wheel rim can be restored with simple curb rash repair techniques. Follow the 5 steps below to prepare, sand, and refinish your wheel rims to eliminate unsightly curb rash.

Step 1 – Find Out if the Rim Has a Clear Protective Coating

Sand the damaged spot on the rim with a coarse-grained sandpaper, about 220-grit. If the dust generated is white rather than gray, your wheel rim has a clear coating which must be removed to reach the curb rash. If your wheel rims are not coated, proceed to Step 3.

Step 2 – Remove the Clear Coating on the Entire Lip of the Rim

You need to remove the clear coat all the way around the rim so the refinished spot will end up the same color and texture as the rest of the rim. Buff the wheel all the way around with 220-grit sandpaper using firm strokes. Once the dust you are grinding turns gray instead of white, the clear coating has been removed. Check full article here.

Repair Wheels Can Weld The Wheel

Since blemishes on your alloy wheels can ruin the appearance of your car, repair wheels can help retain its value. The bottom line with alloy wheel repair is that the repair is always much less expensive than replacement. With the increasing popularity of expensive custom wheel rims, the demand for the specialty service of Wheel Repair is high!

In most cases, the damage is purely superficial and our alloy wheel repair can quickly remove all traces using an innovative process that delivers highest quality results. Professional wheel repair is one of the most popular and most lucrative auto appearance services on the market today call us here: (951) 245-8115. Repair wheels can be a cost-effective alternative to replacing expensive wheels.

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