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Long Bed
Inside Length Up To 96 ?”
Inside Width Up To 66 ¼”
Quote Basic: $540.00
(SAVE $54.00 With Coupon Below)
With $90 Over Rail: $630.00
(SAVE $63.00 With Coupon Below)
Standard Bed
Inside Length Up to 88 ?”
Inside Width Up to 57”
Quote Basic: $475.00
(SAVE $47.50 With Coupon Below)
With $75 Over Rail: $550.00
(SAVE $55.00 With Coupon Below)
Tail Gate Only
Width Up To 66 ¼”
(SAVE $20.00 With Coupon Below)

Over Rail Additional Rhino Lining CoatingWhat is “With Over Rail?

The RAILs are the tops of the sides of your truck bed. “Over Rail” is the additional coating of Rhino Lining some want.

They are called or known by many names depending on who you talk to or what part of the country you’re in talking about truck beds.

They are also known as Hand Rails, Bed Side Rails, or just plain old RAILS.

NOTE: When You Bring Your Truck in for Rhino Lining, the Truck Bed has to be Empty. No Tools, tool boxes, or cargo of any kind.

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Depending on our workload, this Coupon Offer might NOT be available for weeks at a time.
To Take Advantage of this Offer to SAVE $20 to Over $60:

All you need to do is call to make an appointment to get your Rhino Lining before your coupon expires in 7 Days.

You Must Set Your Appointment for a Rhino Lining Installation No later than 30 Day from the Expiration Date on your Coupon.

Click the “Click To Open In Print View” Link Below the Coupon. Print it or save it to your phone. You’ll need your coupon when you get you Rhino Lining installed.


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