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Protective Spray In Truck Bed Liner Rhino Lining is Now Available at Collision Pros for Temecula, Murrieta, Perris, Canyon Lake, CA and Menifee, CA or Corona California 

Rhino Lining ® Truck Bed Liner’s Lake Elsinore CA retail location, Collision Pros Auto Body and Paint, technically prepare truck beds and apply professionally sprayed on truck bed liners that prevent corrosion while providing excellent abrasion and impact protection with non-skid surface that is resistant to chemicals.

Rhino Linings is dedicated to providing our customers with a permanent protective coating solution that not only looks great but comes with a Nationwide Limited Lifetime Warranty*. Contact your nearest Rhino Linings® Truck Bed Liner Applicator Lake Elsinore retailer, Collision Pros today.

Only Specially Trained and Authorized Applicators can Apply Rhino Linings, So for you, there are only 3 Steps

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We’re NOT Grease Grinders, Gear Heads or Grease Monkeys Operating Out of Your Neighbors 1 Car Garage

We ARE Rhino Lining Factory Trained and Authorized Rhino Lining Applicators

We are also I-Car Trained Auto Body and Paint Professionals Operating Out of Our Multi-Million Dollar Auto Body Repair and Paint Facility

Remember, (And you will see this said over and over again), it matters just as much or more WHO Prepares Your Truck and Applies the Liner as it does the lining you use. But after testing the top brands in the market, our Manager, Prep Techs, and Painters with over 100 years of combined experience said Rhino is the Way to Go!

Spray On Lining is Similar in Application to a Paint Job.

So Let’s take a Minute to Talk about What it Really Takes To Get A Perfect Paint Job?

Rhino Lining Prep

Preparation for Rhino Bed Liner

They Say When it comes to getting a beautiful and long-lasting auto paint job, all automotive paint professionals will tell you the same thing: it’s all about the preparation.

We agree completely. If it is not done with exacting attention to detail, you can end up with overspray (Sloppy use of masking tape and paper), a primer that doesn’t stick (Surface not sanded or cleaned properly or at all), that can cause paint to clump and run.

The same things apply to Spray On Truck Bed Liners. The preparation work needs to be done by a professional auto body technician who has learned how to be not only meticulous but thorough about prep work.

The Same Reasoning Applies to a Spray-In Bed Liner

Makes good ole fashion common sense; right? You don’t want to end up with overspray, lines that are not straight or clumps and runs in your truck bed. So, of course, your truck needs to be prepped by a pro, in a clean environment.

And while the dust-free requirements are not as stringent as with car body painting, requiring something like our downdraft paint booth, the area where the truck bed liner is sprayed in, should be clean and self-contained.

So it Should Make Sense to Shoot it in a Real Prep Booth 

Rhino Lining Prep and Spray BoothDIY Words of Caution: Unless you want your truck bed liner to end up curing in your friend’s old garage where debris and dirt can fall from the rafters, you will want to shoot it in a Professional Prep Booth.

Of course, you will want to have your truck  prepped to Spray-On Truck Bed Liner in a well lit, professional Prep Booth where there won’t be any dust and debris falling from garage rafters onto your freshly sprayed in truck bed liner.

Having your truck bed lining prepped and sprayed in a professional prep booth mitigates the dirt and debris problem you could have if you were to choose to spray on you lining in some friends garage. The last thing you want is clumps of dirt and debris falling down from old garage rafters just before spraying in your liner or worse yet, while it’s curing.

Think about it; you spend all the time effort to sand, Clean, mask & tape your truck bed in preparation to spray on your truck bed liner, you get the spray job done, go out of the garage to let your spray job cure.

Leaving the garage you close the door, and all that dust and dirt that’s been collecting on the rafters for god knows how long gets knocked loose.

That dust may add some texture but the debris, (Bird droppings, pieces of tar paper, the occasional roofing nail or who knows what all.) come drifting down on your freshly sprayed, still wet lining.

Right about now you may be thinking, “I won’t let that happen to my spray on liner job. I know I can do this myself!

OK – So You’re a Die Hard a Do-It-Yourself Kit Enthusiast

GOOD FOR YOU! So let’s take a look at what it will actually take and what the cost will be for you to install a spray-on liner in your truck bed. Click here to proceed.