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Rhino Lining Spray In Liner Cost Per Bed Size

Rhino Liner Cost | There are Some Variables with Pricing Rhino Lining® here that Need to be Considered

In This Case Guys, Size does Matter 😉

Rhino Liner Cost Variables are issues like Truck Bed Size. Naturally the bigger the Truck Bed, the longer it will take to prep, more denatured alcohol, more wireline tape, more masking tape, more masking paper and the more Rhino Lining spray on the product will have to be used to coat a larger pickup truck bed. Believe it or not, all these things that take “More” to do a big box vs a small box do add up.

Other Variables to Consider when Quoting a Spray in Bedliner Job

Rhino Liner Cost After market Truck Bed Storage cost extra

Special Cases

There of course cases where a customer wants to have his truck bed aftermarket storage units coated with Rhino Lining when he gets the rest of his truck bed liner sprayed in, and we’ll be happy to quote him for any additional labor and product required to meet his needs.

That is why we provide an image upload feature on our quote form. Believe it or not, we’ve had guys roll in here off a phone quote for a standard bedliner job with a custom deck, long pull out drawers, a tonneau cover like the rig pictured here.

He wanted the inside of the tonneau coated, all the hardware removed from the drawers and only the ends coated on the storage drawers.

What we Prefer is Good for the Customer Too

Truck Beds with Tool Boxes, Tool Decks, Custom Storage Addons or anything other than an empty truck bed may incur additional charges. Your tool bins, storage boxes, decks, drawers or anything that didn’t come stock on your truck should be removed before you bring it in to get your Rhino Lining applied.

As well, if it is agreed that anything other than your stock truck bed is to be Rhino Lining coated, such as tool boxed, we will require they be empty when you come to have the spay liner applied.

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Full-Size Trucks Inside Box Length   Inside Box Width
Long Bed (8′ Box) Up To  96 5/8″   Up to 66 1/4″
Standard Bed (6.5′ Box) Up To  77″   Up to 66 1/4″
Short Bed (5’8″ Box) Up To  68 1/2″   Up to 63 1/8″
Stepside Up To  78 1/2″   Up to 50″
Compact/Midsize Truck          
Long Bed Up To  88 3/8″   Up to 56 5/8″
Short Bed Up To  60″   Up to 57″

Select the size from the chart above (Full-Size Truck or Compact/Midsize Truck) that comes closest to the actual size of your truck bed … OR … Select “Tail Gate Only”.