Saving Money While Driving Your Car

Saving Money While Driving Your Car In Lake Elsinore

Saving money is good, saving money while driving is even better. One of the best ways in saving money while driving is to simply get a more fuel-efficient car. Saving money while driving you can use cruise control and overdrive gears, especially for long highway trips.

There are a lot of tips in saving money while driving some of it are use your automobile’s flow-through ventilation system or open the windows at lower speeds. And plan your outings to avoid rush hour. Driving during busy hours means more braking, more idling and more wasted gas.

Do not over speed, not only you can save on traffic ticket cost, but also your fuel economy improves. Keep in mind a traffic ticket will definitely increase your auto insurance premium.

There Are Many Ways to Save on Car Costs

Do you own a car? You probably do, and that means you probably know how expensive it can be. Did you know that the average person will spend over $500,000 on vehicles and vehicle-related expenses over their lifetime. It really starts to add up. Vehicles don’t last forever so you need to replace them over time, you need to put gas in them, and then you have to think about insurance and maintenance–and that’s just in today’s dollars, not adjusted for inflation.

Half a million dollars just to drive a car. When you think about it, that is kind of absurd when the average retirement account balance for most baby boomers these days is under $50,000. No wonder your car is making you poor our cars are making us poor. How wealthy would we all be if we took the money spent on owning a car into an investment account? Unfortunately, cars are a necessity for most of us. Without an extensive public transportation system we rely on buying our own cars so we can get around. It’s one of those things that we can’t escape. Read more here.

Combine errands when driving. If you plan your drive so that you hit all of your errands in one outing instead of making extra trips you’ll save on gas. If you save just 10 miles a week that’s over 500 miles each year.

How Do I Save Gas While Driving?

Aside from saving gas by buying a more fuel-efficient vehicle, carpooling, keeping your vehicle properly tuned or simply driving less, you can reduce fuel consumption by changing how you drive. The same changes that conserve fuel will also make you a safer driver. These include driving less aggressively, staying within the speed limit, inflating your tires, using cruise control and carrying only as much cargo as is necessary.

1.Drive more calmly. Aggressive driving, which includes excessive acceleration and frequent braking, wastes gas. Go with the flow of traffic, and don’t try to always pass other cars. Not only is this safer, but it can improve your mileage by up to 33 percent on the highway or 5 percent in town. (See References 1)

2.Follow the speed limit. Most cars reach their optimal efficiency between 45 and 60 miles per hour. Efficiency decreases rapidly above 60 mph. You’ll save money, too: If gas costs $3.52 per gallon, for example, each 5 mph above 60 mph costs you an additional 24 cents per gallon. See more here.

You must avoid wasteful driving habits because it can double your fuel consumption. Develop gas-saving habits, like avoiding stop coast up to traffic jams by lifting your foot off the gas pedal.

Save Money While Driving, For a Better Car

If you’re a car owner you can probably vouch for the fact that vehicle ownership can be an expensive thing to manage. This can be especially challenging for younger drivers who face higher insurance premiums and may struggle to afford a newer car in the first place.

Driving Style

The way that you drive your car has a significant bearing on how much you end up spending on it. This is because an aggressive driving style not only uses up more fuel, but it also can cause general wear and tear to happen much quicker. Your car’s tyres and engine components can become damaged leading to other more serious problems that you’ll have to pay for.

To combat this, you might want to try a different approach to driving to prolong the lifespan of these parts and indeed provide higher mpg:

  • Keep your car revs between 1500-2000 when accelerating to change gear
  • Have your tyres properly pumped up before each journey
  • Make sure your fluid levels are regularly topped up to improve efficiency. Read full article here.

Ways In Saving Money While Driving

Another way of saving money while driving is to pool your car to work if you can. By sharing the drive with just one other person, you could save an average of $20/month or $200/year in gasoline alone. Another benefit to carpooling is that it reduces the annual mileage on your car. Since this reduces the risk of accident, your insurance company may charge you less for your coverage. But finding a cheap gas can wind up costing you more if you drive far to get it.

Anything you want to know more about saving money or want to have our team of expert in auto repair mechanics in Lake Elsinore, just give us a call (951) 245-8115 or schedule an appointment online and we’ll be happy to help! We want to make sure your automobile is ready to take you safe on a trip and beyond.

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