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Scratch Repair in Lake Elsinore Homes

scratch repairGenerally speaking, choosing an auto body shop for your car paint scratch repair is the recommended avenue for repair. It is available to dealerships, body shops, fleet lease companies, rental agencies, auto auctions and other businesses seeking to fix damage to vehicles quickly and affordable.

From the smallest superficial car wash scratches to the notorious key scratch, the one size fits all repair solution offered by many auto body shops and collision centers for repair is often overkill and doesn’t necessarily suit the needs of the customer or their vehicle. The only safe option is to get an expert, such as our fully-trained auto scratch repair technicians, to assess the problem and advise what to do with your car.

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Car Scratch Repair Tips

This article is meant to help you touch up your car scratches using automotive touch-up paint.

Getting the Best Car Scratch Repair Results

Scratch RepairIf you are reading this, you probably just got an unsightly scratch on your car’s paint. Like most people, you are probably not a scratch wizard or a bodywork specialist, but with a little guidance and good products, you can do a great DIY car paint repair job.

How to Fix Minor Car Scratches

Maybe you need to fix slightly keyed car paint and are now in need of a small car scratch repair. Avoid spending hundreds of dollars at a shop for a car paint scratches removal service. You can easily fix minor car scratches with a touch-up paint pen. Clean off the area using soapy water and then a wax & grease remover. Apply several coats of your paint color with the pen, letting it dry between coats. Next, use the clearcoat over the new paint. Finally, use rubbing compound (essentially car scratch polish) to polish the area so it is shiny. For more information about using paint pens, watch our touch up paint videos.

DIY Car Scratch Repair for Several Paint Chips

If your car has a bunch of paint chips and you want to fix it, auto paint in a bottle is the way to go. The touch-up paint bottles are 2 ounces in size and are how to take off many scratches on a car. Follow the same guidelines for the touch-up paint pen, except you will be using a brush rather than a pen tip for the car scratch repair.

Repairing a Large Area of Chips and Scratches

If your car has some serious paint scratches and chips, we advice using spray paint cans of touch up paint for the job. Spray cans are 12.5 ounces and can cover a large area of damaged paint. If your car is dented, you will want to order spot putty and some lightweight auto body filler. You will use these products first before applying automotive paint with a spray can.

Other Tips and Tricks for Fixing Car Paint Scratches

  • If you get paint on your skin, remove it with a paint thinner then wash thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Only use the paint pen on areas smaller than a pencil eraser.
  • Practice applying touch up paint to a smooth surface before using it on your car.
  • If something goes wrong and the paint drips on your car, use an automotive lacquer thinner to remove it and start over.
  • Make sure to wear a respirator!
  • For more thorough instructions and additional paint tips, suggestions, and tricks, see our touch up paint directions.

The Best Way to Repair Car Scratches

Do it yourself car scratch repair using automotive touch-up paint is absolutely the best choice. You will save several hundred dollars and your car will come out looking great as long as you use high-quality car paint, follow the instructions, and are patient (remember to let the paint dry between coats!).

Ordering Paint for Car Scratch Repair

You can minimize your car paint scratch repair cost and get excellent results using our high quality automotive touch up paint.

Fix That Scratch, Save Money.

Auto paint scratch repair is a time-consuming process that requires a considerable amount of patience and experience. Scratch repair is different than repairing rock chips or airbrush repair. Most of the car dent repairs and car scratch repair are done within 3 to 9 hours.

Every town has good auto shops that can help and that can do a good job. It is up to you to seek them out and pay them to do a great job. You can never go wrong by choosing a pro auto body shop to repair you car’s finish.

We at Collision Pros are experts at Paintless Scratch Removal or Scratch Repair. You reach us here: (951) 245-8115. We offer a Lifetime Warranty against defects in workmanship and materials on all our services.

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  1. It is nice to read that a regular car paint repair will only take three to nine hours. Some repairs can take a lot longer than this making the service drawn out and unpleasant. I will be able to more easily get the help that I need in a timely manner since I have been looking into this service.

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