Auto Body Repair and Auto Paint Shop for Corona

Corona Body Repair and Auto Paint shops, with as many traffic accidents that happen there, if you’re a Corona resident unfortunate enough to be in a car crash, you may find all your body shops booked weeks in advance. Whether or not you find that to be the case, Collision Pros Auto Body and Paint of Lake Elsinore is only about 25 minutes south on I-15.

Auto Body Shop Repair Corona

Certainly, More Traffic Accidents Happen in Corona than Lake Elsinore. But Collision Pros is Here for Collision Pros is Here for You! And We’re Closer than You May Think!

Paint Shop Cars, LT Trucks, SUVs and Vans for Corona Residents

Only experienced refinishing I-CAR trained technicians in precision color matching will work on your vehicle. “Collision Pros” has state of the art refinishing equipment and materials.

We only use PPG Paint. PPG Paint is the only car paint approved for use by all auto manufacturers.

The new paint is baked on after the spraying is complete for a durable long lasting finish. Because of the quality of materials we use in the refinishing process by our auto paint technicians, we offer a lifetime warranty on paint materials and workmanship.

Best Auto Paint Jobs Corona

We Don’t Just Spay On Auto Body Paint
Rhino Lining is the Best Option for Spray-In Truck Bed Liner for Corona LT Truck Owners

Rhino Lining Installation for Corona Residents – The RhinoPro™ Cartridge System liners offer a permanent protective barrier between your vehicle and the outside environment, safeguarding it from rust, dents, scratches, and corrosion is the Toughest Bedliner Available.

Rhino Liner Corona Protective Truck Bed Lining

Only Specially Trained and Authorized Applicators can Apply Rhino Linings, So for you, there are only 3 Steps

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Does a Bent Frame Mean Your Vehicle is Unrepairable and Considered Totaled?

It’s Time For a Second Opinion!

Car Frame Bending Machine by ChiefSo your car, light truck or mini-van was in an accident and a well-meaning auto mechanic, “friend” or maybe estimator from a body shop tells you “It appears” your car has a “Bent frame, and your insurance company will probably consider it totaled”.

Then he says, “but even if they insurance pays to fix it, It will still never be within factory specifications again”.  OR … “it will have premature tire wear and just won’t drive or handle right.”

If Your Vehicle IS considered totaled, you know the insurance company will never pay you what it will take you to replace your vehicle with the same year make and model.

It’s Time To Find Out For SURE – if your vehicle’s bent frame really can be repaired to the same factory specifications as when it was new.

↓ This Let Our Pros Find Out For Sure ↓

Now For Some Fun Stuff to do in Corona

Granted this looks a little smoggy.

Corona CA from on high.

Corona, CA Parks are nothing short of Absolutely beautiful.

In Corona, you can find city facilities that offer a variety of services for Corona residents and guests such as City Hall, Corona Police Department, Corona Fire Department, Parks, Community Centers, and much more!

AMENITIES at City Park:City Park Corona

  1. Barbecue
  2. Basketball Court
  3. Bicycle Rack
  4. Covered Shelter
  5. Drinking Fountain
  6. Horseshoe Pit
  7. Picnic Area
  8. Playground Equipment
  9. Restrooms
  10. Skate Park
  11. Soccer Field
  12. Swimming Pool
  13. Volleyball Court