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Tempered Auto Glass in Lake Elsinore

Everything about Tempered Auto GlassTempered auto glass is used for your side auto glass, and back auto glass. It is a single-ply, but it is treated by heating and then rapid cooling. Tempered auto glass is manufactured by heating the glass to over 1000 degrees F and then quickly cooling it. This glass is very strong and is thermally heated in its production to provide extra strength.

Tempered auto glass is also comprised of a safety feature, when it breaks, it breaks into tiny pieces, with no jagged edges to harm the passengers. Tempered auto glass is made in a unique way.

Unlike windshield glass, which is laminated, tempered auto glass is not shatter-proof and will break, or shatter, into many tiny, dull pieces.

What is Auto Glass?

Tempered auto glass is very strong and is thermally heated in its production to provide that extra strength and  used in automobiles for safety of the persons riding in the vehicle.

How Automotive Glass Works

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is just as important to a vehicle’s safety as laminated glass, but it differs greatly in both form and function. This type of glass is used for the surrounding windows of car (also called the sidelites) and the back window (or backlite). Tempered glass is created by heating and then rapidly cooling the glass to room temperature by ushering it through a system of blowers.

The surface of the glass cools much faster than the center of the glass and contracts, causing compressive stresses, while the center of the glass expands because of its temperature, producing tensile stresses. What does that mean? Imagine a piece of glass that could be pulled or stretched to a certain length (tensile stress), while being pushed down and compressed (compressive stress) simultaneously. Both the pulling and pushing stresses achieved through the heating and cooling process give tempered glass its tensile and compressive strength. The differences between these two give the glass 5 to 10 times the amount of strength it originally had. See more here.

Tempered auto glass is designed to shatter safely into small pieces when struck rather than to leave sharp, jagged edges that could cause injury during an accident.

What You’ll Need

Tempered glass can become cloudy or scratched and may need to be polished. It’s something that’s easy to do and doesn’t require any special equipment. In fact, you should generally steer clear of special equipment for this job. It doesn’t take that long and your glass will look a great deal better once you’ve finised the job.

Step 1 – What Not To Use

Before you begin to polish tempered glass, it’s important to know what not to use on the glass. Never try to clean tempered glass with a buffer (and definitely not a sander) because there’s a very big risk that the glass will shatter. Nor should you use scouring pads which can be very abrasive on tempered glass. Although vinegar is often used to clean glass, it’s not suitable for use on tempered glass since it can also prove to be abrasive.

Step 2 – Cleaning

To clean the glass more effectively, mix water and dish soap into a spray bottle. Under normal circumstances, the mixture doesn’t need to be too strong. However, if the glass is dirty, make the mixture more concentrated by adding more dish soap. Read full article here.

Tempered Auto Glass referred To As A Safety Glass

Tempered Auto Glass is also referred to as a Safety Glass. In addition to providing increased safety if the windows shatter, the other main purpose of using stronger tempered auto glass is to prevent your car windows from breaking in the first place.  As a safety feature in newer cars, tempered auto glass is used for passenger windows, quarter glass, sunroof and back windshields. Because of this safety feature tempered auto glass can rarely be repaired and instead must be replaced altogether.

If your current vehicle isn’t tempered glass and you’d like to upgrade your car to experience all the benefits, we can take care of all your installation needs. Our team of highly qualified and certified installers tempered glass windows to your exact specification in a few hours. If you have additional questions about auto glass or replacement cost, just give us a call (951) 245-8115.

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