Of Course, An Auto Accident Is Something You Never Want To Be In

Upside Down - Turned All Around - After An Auto AccidentAn auto accident is one of the most traumatic incidents a person can endure. The best way you can protect yourself after an auto accident is by being knowledgeable about what to do if you are in a traffic accident. The first thing to do following an auto accident is to ensure that you and any others involved are not in need of immediate medical attention. If anybody is in need of medical assistance, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY!

Being in an auto accident is a stressful and frightening experience. Being involved in an auto accident is a traumatic experience that can drastically change your life within seconds. One of the most stressful issues after an auto accident is the bills that begin to pile up.We know that dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident is never easy, and we are here to help you organize, address, and resolve all points of contention in your case.

I Had a Car Accident – Now What?

When you have a car accident there are a few keys things you need to do to make sure you are protected.

Two Key Things You Need to Know If You Have a Car Accident:
1. Always stop if you are involved in an accident, this is your legal obligation. Even if you do not think there was any damage, any time you collide with something, you need to stop your car.

2. Never admit responsibility for the accident. Your legal contract with your car insurance company clearly states that you must not assume responsibility or liability under these circumstances.

Steps of What to Do at the Scene of a Car Accident

There are many ways to avoid a car accident but once one happens it is important to know before you get into an accident what to do and what questions may need to be answered by the other person involved in order to make your insurance claim. This checklist will help you know what to do after a car accident. It is best to review it now and then print it out and keep a copy with you in your car. Check more here.

The most common injury sustained during an auto accident is whiplash, caused by a rapid forceful movement of the head beyond the normal range of motion.

How to Deal With Your Car Damage After An Accident

ou may have been fortunate enough to have avoided injury in an accident, but what if your car wasn’t as lucky? If your vehicle was damaged and the accident was not your fault, here are some guidelines to help you in dealing with the insurance companies and getting your car repaired.

What is covered?

You are entitled to payment for any damage done to your vehicle and personal property, such as clothing, eye wear, sports equipment, or personal belongings that were in your car at the time of the accident if the accident was entirely someone else’s fault. Items that may have been lost or stolen from your car are not covered.

How am I paid for damages?

You may be able to recover your losses from the following three sources:

  • Liability Coverage Under the Defendant’s Insurance – If the other person’s insurance company accepts fault in your accident, they will normally pay a standard amount to have your car repaired. Unfortunately, insurance companies often take days or weeks to decide whether to accept fault in the accident. Therefore, your car may not be repaired in a timely manner. Read more here.

An auto accident is a traumatic event, so having someone fighting for your rights and working on your behalf can be a tremendous peace of mind.

Choosing an Auto Body Shop for Your Damaged Vehicle

We have no shortage of auto body shops in Atlanta, from corporate franchises to local garages. You may already have a body shop you trust if you have had work done on your vehicle before. After a car accident, you may be wondering if you can go to any collision shop, or if you have to follow the insurance company’s recommendation. You want to make sure that your car is fixed right and the costs are covered.

INSURANCE COMPANY PREFERRED PROVIDERSAll insurance companies have “preferred providers.” These are the auto body shops that give discounts to the insurance company for bringing them business. Your insurance company wants you to go to a preferred provider in order to pay as little as possible for repairing your vehicle, so they make the process relatively easy. For example:

  • With a preferred provider, the shop will generally be located near you, and the shop will have experience dealing with your insurance company.
  • Insurance companies generally use only ASE certified, insured auto body shops. See full article here.

An Auto Accident Can Change Your Life

Getting into an auto accident is traumatic, and can throw your life into confusion in the blink of an eye. Dealing with the insurance companies when you have had an auto accident can be a nightmare. An auto accident can occur regardless how careful a driver you may be.

The last thing you think about after an auto accident is all of the things you must do to build a personal injury case. Being involved in an auto accident can be a tough situation for anyone to have to go through. Knowing what to do at the scene of an auto accident will help you stay calm and ensure that your rights are respected, call us here: (951) 245-8115.