A Headlight Upgrade Will Make A Significant Improvement

Why Is Headlight Upgrades Necessary?Headlight upgrades are your best bet to improve your night vision without blinding anyone else on the road. One of the best types of headlight upgrades is a bulb with xenon gas. Headlight upgrades can lead to an improved look as well as safer lighting at night.

Headlight upgrades are a solid choice for improved light output overstock. No matter how car or pickup headlight upgrades are done, they should be done to the comfort of the driver. Some headlight upgrades will require disassembly of the headlight. Most headlight upgrades are simple enough that you can do them at home without too much prior experience, but some are more complicated than others.

3 reasons to upgrade both your dipped and main headlight bulbs

So, you’ve decided to upgrade your car headlight bulbs and you’re probably focusing on the dipped beam – the bulb used most for night time driving. But have you considered upgrading both your dipped and main beam headlight bulbs at the same time? Here are three reasons why we think you should…

1. Two birds, one stone

The number one reason I’d give for upgrading both your dipped and main beam headlight bulbs simultaneously would be time. Either way, if you decide to replace the bulbs yourself or ask a mechanic to do so, replacing both bulbs together just makes sense as you’ll be geared up for replacing one set anyway. Think of what you can do with all that time you’ll save if you’d decided to change the bulbs separately!

2. Match made in heaven

By opting for both dipped and main beam headlight bulbs in your chosen range, be it OSRAM Night Breaker Unlimited or Philips X-treme Vision +130 for example, you’ll find the two bulbs (low/high) will match up perfectly. If you only decide to upgrade your dipped beam headlight bulbs you just won’t achieve that uniform look with a standard bulb in for the main beam. Read more here.

Some headlight upgrades are also easier or harder depending on the vehicle you drive and the type of headlights that it came with from the factory.

Upgrading Your Headlights To LEDs

The aftermarket in car headlights has never been more buoyant, with more motorists looking to upgrade than ever before, coupled with a bigger range of products available. LED headlights are widely seen as the optimum solution, and while these were previously beyond the budget of the average motorist looking to upgrade, they are now more affordable than ever. This means there are even fewer barriers to upgrading to an LED based solution, providing a better quality of lighting and improved conditions for driving in the dark.

Should You Upgrade To Halogens, HIDs or LEDs?

Halogens, HID headlights and LED headlights all have their own distinct advantages, and indeed drawbacks. Before you make a decision one way or the other, it is sensible to ensure you are doing so from an informed position to avoid disappointment. If you don’t know what you’re buying and why, you may end up damaging your headlights and your car in the process, and you’ll be both out of pocket and back where you started. Instead, familiarising yourself with the different headlight designs available means you can make the right decision for your motoring and your budget.

Cheapest – Halogen. Halogen headlights are of course the cheapest option available, providing the bare minimum in lighting quality. Most people just replace like for like in their cars, but only because they are unaware these are often a less than optimal option. While halogens are cheap to buy, they need to be replaced long-term on a more regular basis than LEDs, and so can cost more in the long-run. Additionally, the lighting quality they offer is significantly diminished relative to other types of headlights, and it is worth bearing this in mind when making your decision. See more here.

Headlights keep getting better, and that more expensive luxury vehicles, and their headlight upgrades are worth the premium, delivering better vision and visibility.


Headlights are like the eyes of a car or truck, both in terms of function and style. Obviously, headlights are tools for visibility. But they are also important in providing a vehicle with a distinctive look, just as the shape and color of our eyes make one face distinguishable from another. Trying these headlight upgrades on your car or truck is like giving it a fresh set of eyes with improved nighttime vision or a more customized look.Remove Headlight Haze

If you drive an older vehicle with hazy or yellowed plastic headlight lenses, you can easily improve both style and safety by polishing the lenses using this 3M kit. We tried it on a ten-year-old car with great results. Not only did the car look better, the headlights proved much more effective at lighting the roadway at night. The 3M Headlight Restoration Kit is an ideal DIY solution: quick, easy and cost-effective.Replace Your Headlight Capsules

Halogens are the standard for modern cars and light trucks. Halogen bulbs are part of a capsule that can be easily replaced with premium capsules from NAPA Lamps for unique style and better visibility. Three options are available: LongLite, WhiteLite and SafetyLite. Check full article here.

Headlight Upgrades Can Be Aesthetic, Practical, Or Both

Headlight upgrades are often viewed as extraneous add-ons, used mainly for aesthetic reasons to improve the overall appearance of a vehicle. One needs to be sure that the headlight upgrades will last and if opting for cheap ones, one needs to be sure of what they are opting for. A headlight upgrade will make your vehicle look great, and perform better.

Headlight upgrades can provide you with better light in the dark, it can save you energy while driving your pickup, it can even give it a better aesthetic look. Our LED headlight upgrades are also much brighter than incandescent with a much more focused beam of light, call us here: (951) 245-8115. Custom headlight upgrades will help your off-road vehicle project a beam longer, farther, and stronger than ever!