Why Is Auto Glass Considered Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment auto glass

Safety Equipment? Auto Glass? But It Breaks So Why Do They Call It Safety Glass?

Being auto glass tinting, repair and replacement professionals, we are surprised at times by what our customers tell us is what they think is gospel regarding Auto Safety Glass Repair and Replacement. Here is a list of some of the real hum dingers we hear:

Auto Glass Myth #1
The small crack in my windshield will take a long time before it gets worse because it is laminated safety glass. WRONG! This myth I think is more wishful thinking than anything else. Regardless of the fact that your car windows are laminated safety glass, at the right temperature, driving over just your average pot hole in the road can cause that small crack to spider out and grow dramatically and almost instantly.

So getting it repaired when it is still small can save you the cost of having to replace the entire window or windshield.Money Saving TIP: And for many drivers cost should not be an obstacle. Here’s a TIP about your insurance and cracked window repair: In Most cases, if you have comprehensive insurance coverage, “Tint Styles” can arrange with your insurance carrier to WAIVE YOUR DEDUCTIBLE and still cover the cost of the chip or crack repair RESULTING IN NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE TO YOU!

Auto Glass Myth #2
All auto glass is the same. No it’s not. Usually, the best and safest windshield or window glass replacement is equal to the one the manufacturer initially installed when the car was new.

While many aftermarket auto glass manufactures make windows up to government and manufacture’s standards, not all may meet the original equipment specifications.

Those lower grade auto glass replacements may not fit your car properly and have to be forced to fit the window frame of your car leading to safety issues as well as unforeseen costs: For example, if you lease a car, your leasing company may charge you for not having an original equipment quality windshield installed.

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Auto Glass Myth #3
Glass breaks so of course it is not part of my vehicle’s safety equipment. That assumption is wrong on many levels. It is called “Safety Glass” for a reason. If it was not laminated safety glass it would shatter upon impact and the cars occupants end up getting injured by the flying glass.

As well, besides keeping out the elements and keeping cool or hot air in (Depending on the season), the engineers of today’s cars use the windshield to help restrain you and your passengers from being ejected if you’re in an accident. It is also designed to add support the roof in case of a roll-over. Plus the windshield helps the airbag deploy correctly.

An improperly installed windshield could put you or your family at risk in the event of an accident. Later model cars with side air bags depend on the glass to a certain extent to support that air bag once it is deployed.

Auto Glass Myth #4
Your windshield cracks or breaks and you will have to have it repaired or replaced where your insurance says. That’s a myth many people still have.

By law, as an insured driver, you can take your car to any auto glass shop. The insurance company cannot direct you to go to any particular shop as a condition for payment. Many insurance companies use glass networks as a means of handling their claims.

You may be told to call an 800 number to submit your claim. You certainly don’t want to be directed to an auto glass shop that does not adhere to the strict standards that your car manufacturer recommends.

I hope these Myth Busters help anyone who may be making assumptions about auto glass so they treat their auto glass as another piece of their vehicle’s safety equipment; not just another window.


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