The Importance of Windshield Chip Repair

Windshield Chip Repair in Lake Elsinore

Windshield chipWindshield chip repair is the safest way to prevent the chip on the windshield of your car from growing into a major crack and shattering the glass while driving. Even a small chip can turn into a larger crack if it isn’t taken care of, which is why prompt windshield chip repair is also important.

Windshield chip repair can be accomplished very successfully if the impact area is no larger than a quarter or the crack is shorter than about 3 three inches. Typically, can be completed in about 20-30 minutes.

However, windshield chip repairs DO NOT fully disappear, unlike some advertisements claim.

Windshield chip

Winter is on the way and its important to take care of that chip before it’s too late! Flying rocks, gravel and debris are bad enough in the summer. Add freezing temperatures, ice, hail and low visibility to the mix and chips become very hazardous in the winter.

Why and when is a chip repair necessary?

Repairing a chip in your windshield is especially important prior to the winter months. During the cold winter months rock damage to your windshield can spread as a result of the cold temperatures. Moisture from ice and snow can get trapped inside the crack. As temperatures drop, the moisture freezes and expands, thus increasing pressure on the glass and causing serious cracks. When you apply the heat from the defroster for the first time, the water melts and expands ruining your windshield for good. Instead of the minimal cost of a chip repair, you are now looking at the cost of a new windshield which is far more expensive.

It’s easy to ignore windshield damage and put off repairing the windshield until its too late. When your chip is allowed to grow into a large crack or multiple large cracks, it’s not only a costly mistake but is is also unsafe. The structural integrity of your windshield is actually a critical component to your safety in a rollover crash. Read more.

For many consumers, owning a car is not a luxury but a necessity. That doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy their car, even pamper it like a member of the family. But time and road miles tend to wreak all sorts of damage and wear on even the best-kept vehicle.

Sooner or later, the decision must be made whether to repair or replace the damage of your car.

Should I Choose Auto Glass Repair or Replacement?

In the past, having a chipped or cracked windshield meant that you would certainly need to have it replaced. However, modern day auto glass repair makes windshields more repairable depending on the size, location and the severity of the damage. When deciding whether to repair or replace your damaged auto glass, it is helpful to understand the differences between repair and replacement. However, it is best to ask your local auto body and glass repair shop for a professional recommendation.

Auto Glass Replacement

Auto glass replacement involves removing and replacing your damaged glass with new glass that has been thoroughly tested for safety. In most cases, replacement is the safest way to ensure the structural integrity of the auto glass. When you replace the glass, you’ll typically have to wait a few hours before driving your car to let the urethane used to bond the glass to cure. An auto glass replacement is usually more expensive than an auto glass repair. Full article here.

In most cases, windshield chip repairs are covered by your insurance at no cost to you. Most repairs can be made in under an hour and your car insurance company often covers the cost.

How to Handle a Windshield Repair

Three questions to ask a vehicle glass shop

Ready to schedule the repair? Here are three questions to ask the windshield repair shop before you proceed with the work:

1. Are your auto glass installation technicians certified? Certification helps ensure the tech has been trained thoroughly on the proper procedures for repairing, removing and installing auto glass.

2. How soon after my glass is replaced or repaired will I be able to use my vehicle? A windshield repair takes about 30 minutes or less and the vehicle is safe to drive immediately. With a windshield replacement, it’s important to have your technician accurately advise you of the safe drive away time, which can vary greatly depending on weather conditions and the type of installation materials used.

3. What kind of warranty will be provided on the auto glass materials and workmanship? A warranty could vary depend on the type of repair, but one should be available to you. For example, Safelite repairs and replacements are covered by a national warranty for as long as you own or lease your vehicle.

See more here.

Windshield chip repairs are affordable.

When it comes to simple windshield repairs the service is free because we bill your insurance company, they waive your deductible and you pay nothing. Your insurance company pays the entire cost because it is cheaper to pay for the damage than to change it. Conclusively, windshield chip repairs are in place for safety, and can go a long way in protecting and improving the quality of the glass as long as the process is done professionally and in a timely manner.

Our windshield chip repairs are unlimited, meaning that if you pick up one or ten rock chips, we will come to you and repair them all. If you have additional questions about your windshield repair or replacement cost, just give us a call (951) 245-8115.

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